10 reasons to use Google Photos instead of your gallery application

10 reasons to use Google Photos instead of your gallery application


The application of the gallery of your cell phone is very useful and it sure works perfectly, but why not change it to Google Photos? We offer you the reasons for you to jump.

Having such a variety of applications implies that for something as basic as the image gallery there are a lot of options. From independent developers, from every manufacturer of Android phone and of course also from Google. The latter has Google Photos an excellent application that is much more than a gallery. What do not you use yet?

Google Photos can perfectly replace the native gallery app on your smartphone. Of course, it provides the same functions in terms of organization and categorization of photos, but incorporates some exclusions that reach to elevate its use to a higher level . As you'll see for yourself, it's worth relying on your Google Photos gallery.

1. All gallery functions you need


The first thing is basic, but it should be noted: you do not lose the main use with the switch to Google Photos. In fact, Photos is the default gallery on Android Stocked Phones so do not miss experience. No functions: categorize your images allowing viewing, you can share them with the application you want and have different ways to sort your captures.

2. Backup your images

Just for that, it's already worth having photos from Google: it's safe against the loss of your most precious photos . You only need to accept the backup in the settings and you're done: photos will be responsible for uploading them to your account when you connect to a Wi-Fi network. And you'll have unlimited space if you keep the size resized; without losing quality in the images, eye.

3. Has a very powerful search engine

Having hundreds of images in the gallery is more than usual. So when it's time to look for a specific one, it can take you a long time to find it. Well: Google Photos includes an artificial intelligence search engine that lets you find search-related images. You took pictures of a dog and you can not find them? Put "dog" in the search box, it will take "zero comma".

4. Includes a personal assistant

 10 reasons to use Google Photos instead of your gallery application "</p>
<p> Google would not miss the opportunity to put a wizard in your gallery app, so we also have it in Photos. Nevertheless, it is not as an Assistant, but <strong> is dedicated to offering different content related to your images </strong>. For example, edit them to turn them into works of art, remember special moments for you, create albums with locations or escapes … All without you having to do anything. </p>
<h3> 5. It's a photo editor </h3>
<p> Google Photos is not just a gallery, as we said before, <strong> is also an image editor </strong>. Just open any one with the application and click the bottom in the settings icon. You can crop the photo, improve its conditions, apply filters … Very practical. </p>
<h3> 6. Create shared albums </h3>
<p> Google Photos is great for sharing your vacation photos, an escape, a birthday … with your family or friends. Simply create an album, assign the title and add the images you want the rest to see. <strong> Share this album and you're ready </strong>: Anyone can see the photos without fear of being deleted, because you will continue to control them. </p>
<h3> 7. Create a slideshow on Google Chromecast </h3>
<p> <strong> Google Photos integrates seamlessly with your Chromecast </strong>. Does someone come home and want to show off your wedding album? You can <del> martyrdom </del> surprise your guests by making the slideshow on TV. No effort and a heartbeat. Magical! </p>
<h3> 8. Google Photos free space on your cell phone </h3>
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Can you think of more reasons to recommend Google Photos instead of the standard gallery ? The application of the photos is safe, private and has continuity assured. It is undoubtedly one of the best products of Google.


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