3 technologies to learn how to program on Android

3 technologies to learn how to program on Android


If you want to create an app or want to learn something new, these courses will help you to program on Android. And not just with Android Studio: also with Kotlin and with Xamarin Forms.

Every day we use dozens of applications when we use our phone. Social networks, messages, notes, productivity … and many of them are the work of independent creators. Developers who have an idea, and who realize it on their own. Much of Android's success is due to the work of these developers and their projects.


And perhaps when viewing apps, or maybe have an idea in your head, you want to develop your own application for Android . But for this, you should learn to program something that may not be very easy.

But with the help of the proper Udemy courses you can create your own Android application. Eye, because they are of limited offer until January 18 for 10.99 €.

Develops applications with Android Studio

To begin with, nothing better than reviewing all the basics . Learn the basics, learn how to use external resources, learn how to draw and design, design screens or databases. All this may be essential to create our own Android application. And the introduction to Android application development course is ideal for this.

The course's author recommends that we have Java knowledge . We also need a computer to follow the course. In return, we have 22 hours of video and 27 articles. We can access from any device and, at the end of the course, we will have a certificate. All for € 10.99 in Udemy with a 94% discount. Eye, because the offer lasts only a week .

Learn Kotlin to develop from scratch

Kotlin was introduced several months ago as a new language to program on Android. It is ideal to start programming our application, but a hand that guides us along the way can be useful. Therefore, the application development course for Android Oreo and Kotlin may be perfect. It teaches us how to manage in Kotlin, and how to use Java when needed.

The advantage of this course is that teaches us from scratch without prior knowledge. We only need a computer and Internet connection to follow the course, which consists of 26 hours of video, 18 articles, 9 features and additional tasks. You can find it in Udemy for € 10,99 a reduction of 94% compared to its original price, also as limited offer .

Multi-platform applications with Xamarin Forms

But the problem gets complicated if we want to take our multi-platform application at the same time. Making code multiple times to create the same application on different systems can be a burden. So there are platforms to develop on multiple systems at once, and Xamarin Forms is one of them.

The development of applications in Xamarin Forms can save us a lot of work, and the course of Hector Uriel Pérez tells us how to do it step by step. How to develop applications, customize their appearance, run specific code, and use controls completely. We can find the course in Udemy with a discount of 80%, for 10,99 € within the next 7 days. The only condition is to have notions about programming.


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