512GB microSD cards arrive to store hundreds of movies

512GB microSD cards arrive to store hundreds of movies


MicroSD memory cards have more and more storage and speed. The Integral brand introduced what is the first 512 GB microSD card, an incredible amount of storage if you take into account the size of the mobile devices.

Although for many the PC remains the center of our digital life, cell phones have become an ideal tool for consuming multimedia content. If you are one of those who store many videos and music, you certainly have a microSD card that expands the capabilities of your cell phone. Today, we know a new microSD card that exceeds any of the current standards.

Half terabyte of storage in your cell phone, this is the new full microSD


If a few months ago Sandisk presented a microSD card of 400 GB, today we know a new competitor in the market that comes to beat the records. This is the Integral manufacturer, who claims to have made the first 512 GB microSD card in the world.

This is a class 10 microSD card, which follows the UHS-I U1 speed standard. This standard guarantees a minimum sequential read speed of 10 MB / s insufficient speed to install applications (unless you want to enjoy a poor experience), but more than enough to watch videos, photos or listen to music .

512 gigabytes can store thousands of hours of video and music.

Not all phones support this storage capacity, so when opting for a microSD of these dimensions, you should specifically refer to the maximum capacity (many phones support up to 256 GB or up to 64 if they are low cost). We do not know the pricing at this time, although we estimate that the SanDisk 400 GB costs 250 euros we do not expect this card to be much cheaper.

Although a few years ago, it appeared that manufacturers would eventually withdraw support for microSD cards, in recent generations we have seen as it is again a trend in most reputed manufacturers. The truth is that 512 GB is an amount of storage that we think is more typical of a PC than a cell phone (actually, my main computer only has a 250 GB SSD), so those who end up opt for this type of cards can accumulate entire seasons of your favorite series.


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