6 inch "infinite" screen and quad camera

6 inch "infinite" screen and quad camera


Weimei would have available a very curious cell phone according to the data that were leaked. I not only bet on the big screen and "almost no borders", also to include double-sided double-camera.

When we talk about Spanish brands related to mobile technology, we generally leave Weimei as one of the most bet on "affordable" smartphones. They are well-constructed mobile phones that bring what is needed to enjoy a proper Android experience, but that does not mean that the brand stops betting on current trends. Even surpassing them, at least according to the latest leaks.

What would a [camera quad be? Huawei already gave us a clue with the Huawei Mate 10 Lite ; which was an adaptation of Mainmag 6, Honor 7X or Huawei Nova 2i. In addition to the variations of the model, Huawei opted for to bring portrait mode also to the camera of selfies . Something about which the next Weimei bet too.

Real-time Bokeh effect for front and rear cameras


The bokeh is the blur of the background, keeping the object or the person in the foreground sharp . Come, the portrait mode of all life; and performed by a double camera that Weimei will put on the face and the front face.

The characteristics of the cameras would be as follows, always according to the leaks:

  • Double rear camera : 13 + 5 Mpx with the OmniVision OV13855 and Samsung S5K5E2 sensors, respectively. They would record at 1080p at 30 fps and have an average aperture of 4.4 mm (5.1 and 3.7 mm, respectively).
  • Double front camera : 20 + 8 Mpx with Sony IMX376 and OmniVision OV8856 sensors, respectively. The openings will be in f2.0 and 2.4.

Weimei's emphasis seems to be directed to self-making : it promises quality and a lot of blur, something the owners of the mobile future will certainly appreciate. Along with the screen size: would be 6 inches ; increasing the trend in canvases with almost no frame since, according to rumors, it would have "infinite sensation" with an aspect ratio 18: 9 . And one detail we see something fair: the resolution would be 1440 × 720 pixels.

 Weimei's next cell phone filtering: 6 inch "infinite" screen and quad camera </p>
<p> We do not know how Willime's cell phone will be and if it will come with all these specifications, but we'll see it soon enough. We will continue to report how we have more information. </p>
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