9 games and an application

9 games and an application


Mobile technology has created multiple new sectors, but one of the most impressive and exposed is that of applications. These computer programs were responsible for creating new businesses, applications and games, and some of them are very lucrative.

Throughout 2017, many of them made money and some earned enough money to position themselves in the Top 10 . But there is something impressive.

Of the 10 projects that generated the most money on Android in our country last year (actually from January to November), nine are games, some extremely popular, of course. And there is only one application.

Games are the kings

What stands out most in the list is the presence of a single application, Tinder, the most famous when it comes to meeting people and having fun. It is clear what moves money once we get out of the playful section of cell phones.

Next to it, we have nine games, the first being Clash Royale . Supercell's proposal increased more than 13 million euros in our country alone. Just below, although with a much smaller amount it is Candy Crush which was the fashion game a few years ago which continues to increase a lot, almost 6 million this year. In third position, we have another game that once seemed to be omnipresent, Clash of Clans . It has increased more than 3 million.

Pokémon Go and Garden Scapes remain in the environment of two million euros and, in a same step, we have games that have entered in more than 1.5 million and less 2 million euros.

We have Tinder, with no less than 1.8 million and four lesser-known proposals, except for Candy Crush Soda Saga : Game of War – Fire Age Shock of Kings – CoK and Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle .


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