a free game, no ads, no shopping and a lot of fun

a free game, no ads, no shopping and a lot of fun


Throughout my life I've tried hundreds of games, mostly on mobile. I had fun with driving simulations, graphic adventures, strategy or role-playing games, but lately the ones that hit me the most are puzzles with a minimalist interface.

Within this, there are cool and fun proposals like Jodeo, a game that may not have the most appropriate name for Spanish speakers, but inside it has a simple and elegant aesthetic and a way of playing which I had not seen so far.

And if that was not enough is a free game and no shopping in or ads. . A rare avis.

A 3D space in 2D


The essence of the game is simple, we have to "paint" the geometric figures that appear with the help of a sticky character that reminds the protagonists of World of Goo , if you have not tried, we invite you to do so.

In each of the stages (we have 30 available) our partner falls on painted figures with a very fine blow and we will move that viscous element so that it paints, or it stains, each the edges.

 Jodeo: a free game, no ads, no shopping and very funny. </p>
<p> The problem is that these pieces move and not in two dimensions, but in three, to calculate where each part will be touching it is more complex than it seems. </p>
<p> <strong> Furthermore, as we go along, there are up to 14 different elements that make the task difficult </strong> like a blast wave that drives us away from the center or balls that hit us, making our already precarious balance , still be lower. </p>
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The good thing is that we do not have lives and we can try each of the phases as often as we can. The only thing we can lose is an accompanying song given that although sound effects are good over time, you can do something repetitive.

Version: 1.0.10

Author: gamebra.in

Requires Android 4.0 and higher


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