Actual photos made with Samsung Galaxy S9 + and first impressions

Actual photos made with Samsung Galaxy S9 + and first impressions


The Samsung Galaxy S9 was the star of previous MWC 2018 at least with regard to the cell phone. There were no excessive presentations of at least the most recognized brands, so the last of Samsung had enough to succeed. Although it is now important to value the product well, something in which we are immersed.

We're still going to delay the review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + cell phone review that is currently in our review table, but we think it would be wise to cheer up waiting with a sample from your camera. It is a very good smartphone for taking pictures, both in automatic mode and in adjusting manual values. In the absence of deepening, our first impressions are very positive.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 + is one of the best mobile cameras

We have used this smartphone for a few days and we use it in all conditions. Good lighting, sunsets, even at night shots, adjusting the manual values ​​of Pro mode … Samsung has a lot of luggage in photography, it was clear that the S9 would not disappoint with this Score.

One of the aspects that we tested especially is the change in aperture of the diaphragm . Samsung Galaxy S9 incorporates a variable aperture that has already debuted the latest mobile phone "shell type" of the company. f / 1.5 or f / 2.4: the cell phone can automatically choose between both values, depending on the circumstances. You can also set the aperture in Pro mode.

Next, you have two identical images in which the aperture varies. With good lighting:

 We tested the camera Samsung Galaxy S9 + "width =" 1400 "height =" 525 "/> </p>
<p> And with poor lighting: </p>
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