Advanced facial recognition will reach the LG G6, LG Q6 and LG...

Advanced facial recognition will reach the LG G6, LG Q6 and LG V30


All the latest LG smartphones will also have advanced facial recognition. LG will release an update for the LG G6, LG Q6 and LG V30 to activate this unlock method on their devices.

Once the fingerprint readers have spread, we now have the facial recognition or iris . Our face or our eyes can be unique and inimitable, something that makes them perfect to serve as a method of identification . And some device manufacturers, such as Samsung or Microsoft, have already started to adopt this kind of recognition.

The truth is that LG this year would not have sensors to perform this recognition, but the Korean company found a solution . They allied with an American facial recognition technology company for that. And they want to use the phone cameras next to artificial intelligence to perform this function.

Artificial intelligence for facial recognition

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To be exact, LG partnered with Sensory to bring TrulySecure to their latest Android devices. TrulySecure stands out for that does not require cameras or specific sensors works with any camera and traditional microphone. And that's exactly what LG is interested in: bringing the facial recognition to their devices without integrating new sensors.

To achieve this, sensory technology mixes artificial intelligence and special measures against attempts to simulate a face. The information on our face would never touch the cloud, it would stay on the phone forever. And the manufacturer claims that the technology is capable of working even if we have something hidden from the face by accessories like glasses.

Face Recognition is not something new : it has been available for years as an unlock option on Android. The problem is that the security provided by this security method has always been in question . Will they convince us of these new developments so that we can count on new ones to unlock by the face?


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