All Android apps Go: download optimized versions

All Android apps Go: download optimized versions


Android Go brings not only an optimized version of the system, but also many of Google's applications. Do you want to try them? We offer them for you to download.

Android Oreo Go the most optimized version of the operating system, is now official. Google announced this morning offering some details on how it will work and what its goals are. The main thing is is for low-end cell phones that do not have "decent" hardware ; There is also the goal of achieving a lower data expense, something essential in which parts of the world.

Since Android is almost indissoluble Google Apps, the company has decided to develop "condensed" applications that offer current features without departing from the Go Edition facilities. That is, applications that occupy much less than the original ones, offer the same use and use to spend the least possible amount of data.

These Google Apps optimized are not only suitable for Android Oreo Go Edition, also for many other Android with an uncut version of system . And you can download them: less space occupied, simpler, less consumption … The advantages are attractive.

Below we offer the Go applications that are already available . You can download them on your Android whenever compatible; although the requirements are low.

Google Go

The version of the search application brings all the power of Google spending the minimum resources. Compact appearance, design quite similar to the complete application and with the instant search that is also found in the rest of the applications or on the web. We'll have shortcuts for categories and also the rest of Google's apps; with the possibility of restricting the use of data using light websites. In addition, there is a certain level of customization, such as the possibility of placing a wallpaper

Are you interested in trying Google Go? now you can download from the Apk Mirror : it is suitable for Android Jelly Bean 4.3 phones or higher.

Version: 1.0.177609757.release

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android 4.3 and above

YouTube Go

 All Android applications Go: download the optimized versions "</p>
<p> We have already reviewed this <strong> reduced version of YouTube </strong> is a player who does not have much to envy the generic application. Eliminate the superfluous and remain alone with video playback; Add a quality slider before playing each video, the ability to download and even share it: you already have YouTube Go. Although yes, <strong> there are still no compatible videos in this app </strong> . </p>
<p><a title=

YouTube Go can only be downloaded in certain countries. Solution? Apk Mirror .

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device

Archives Go

 All Android Go applications: download optimized versions "</p>
<p> The integrated file manager in Android Oreo Go Edition is a big bet for optimizing devices. Not only that, it also offers <strong> file sharing options </strong> without needing a close network: all users have files so they can move documents, images, videos, music … in the simplest way possible . In addition, he is an excellent administrator who <strong> also manages available space </strong>. </p>
<p><a title=

Go files are available to everyone on the Google Play Store. It has no cost.

Version: 1.0.177260766

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android 5.0 and above


 All Android Go applications: download the optimized versions "</p>
<p> Application for mobile data management and administration that, with less than 5 MB in weight, <strong> makes it easier for us to consume less than our tariff </strong>. It monitors all this background consumption and offers advanced tools like <strong> in the search for nearby WiFis </strong>. All to make possible one of the maxims of Android Oreo Go: spend as few MB as possible. </p>
<p><a title=

Google Datally is available in the Google Play Store, so you have no problem when it comes to downloading and installing it. We recommend it for you.

Version: 1.0.1

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android 5.0 and above

In addition to these applications, Android Go comes with other optimized apps. At the moment they have not been filtered in the form of Apk, so they are not available for download and installation. It's a matter of time, so we'll be updating the article as it's released .

  • Google Maps Go .
  • Google Assistant Go .
  • Gmail Go .
  • Google Chrome optimized .
  • Google Play Optimized .
  • Optimized Gboard keyboard .

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