all information of the new processor

all information of the new processor


About hours ago Qualcomm has announced the new reference processor, the Snapdragon 845 for mobile devices. Now, within the same event, which takes place in Hawaii, the American company has detailed all the news of the future processor.

This move is one of the most anticipated by Qualcomm, who have to face the good taste that Apple left with the Aion Bionic, but also other competitors such as Kirin 970 Huawei, the processor that is proud to have the first NPU integrated into a mobile phone.

Qualcomm completely redesigned the processor and focused on improving performance in areas that will be critical in 2018, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, or security.

A redesigned CPU and a new Adreno GPU


The first link in this template is already a change. Qualcomm has redesigned the CPU of the new Kyro-based chip and will be called the Kyro 385. On the other hand, graphics power will be supported by the new GPU, the Adreno 630 which is capable of delivering graphics with 30% predecessors.

Qualcomm claims that the chip, Snapdragon 845, is 30% more efficient and powerful than the 835, which will also benefit battery life.

Taking the cameras to another level

This year, the media talked a lot about the scores that the phones showed on the DxOMark test and Qualcomm made reference to it. According to the company, the cell phones that own the Snapdragon 845 can exceed the score of 100 in the dcho test.

Snapdragon 845 ISP (image processor) will support face recognition by biometric identification.

The video recording also improves and will be supported to do it in resolution from 4K to 60 fps in HDR and if it decreases to 720p, we can record at 480 fps, a slow camera rarely seen so far.

Artificial intelligence takes center stage

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<p> It was expected, but it is confirmed that Snapdragon 845 will have a coprocessor dedicated to calculations related to artificial intelligence. </p>
<p> In this way, your smartphone can use it, for example, to create better photos, including how could it be otherwise, portraits. </p>
<h2> Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality </h2>
<p> These two ways of understanding the world now come from the processor. Thanks to the implementations made, the cell phone that uses this chip will be able to perform tasks related to these fields spending less battery than before. </p>
<p> And for processing to always be the most balanced in terms of performance, this chip can vary the rendering quality of each part of an image according to the needs of the moment. </p>
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