All the little details and functions of Android 8.0 Oreo

All the little details and functions of Android 8.0 Oreo


Android 8.0 Oreo not only brings great improvements or big changes. The latest Android update also has small details and functions, and we explain them all in this article.

Floating window mode, Google Play Protect, an improved notification system … Android 8.0 is full of new features with Oreo flavor. And we tell everyone in the following article, in case you have not read yet.

But they are not really big changes. The Android team took advantage of the update to implementing all kinds of small changes . But being small does not mean that they are not important, or that they are not noticed. And in this article, we explain everything you should know about these minor improvements .

WiFi Aware: local and direct networks

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WiFi networks are no longer just for connecting to the internet. These networks can serve to talk to devices around us something known as WiFi Aware. And Android 8.0 walks in that direction where our smartphone will be the door to many devices.

Best File Browser

The file explorer is renewed for the occasion with a new new look . Also, with Android Oreo it's easier than ever free space if we need to make room for other things.

New Quick Settings and Ambient Display

Android already displayed Lollipop's Ambient Display, but with the arrival of Oreo it was better. We also have a quick settings panel for notifications.

Application menu renewed

The menu of settings where we can see which applications we install how much they consume and other data of interest are also updated in Oreo.

Turn on automatic Wi-Fi

Android Oreo will learn where you usually connect to a WiFi network, and will activate them without having to do anything when you reach these sites. Perfect if you are one of those who disable WiFi whenever they leave home or office, but do not remember to put it and ends up spending all the rate data.

New customization options

Finally, the interface also has new customization options . We can configure things like the appearance of the navigation bar or the quick settings panel buttons from a single location.


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