Amazon is not only a store, it is also manufacturer of devices

Amazon is not only a store, it is also manufacturer of devices


Amazon is the largest online store in the world, but that's not all. In fact, distribution is just one of your businesses: it's also a device manufacturer. Great manufacturer.

Thinking about the Amazon is to automatically imagine an online portal with hundreds of thousands of products within reach of a click. The store's total references are unknown, but it would not be unreasonable to think that it sells millions of different articles worldwide . Only giants like AliBaba, the excellent portal of Chinese e-commerce, can make it shade, but the truth is that this part of the Amazon is just the tip of a giant iceberg

It's a big store, yes, but it's also a technology giant. Invests in Artificial Intelligence, has the largest web server service available to any company or application, invests in alternative forms of distribution is betting heavily on physical commerce … And what we are most interested in Android Free: manufactures home and entertainment devices compatible with our operating system.


You may be thinking that Kindle Fire tablets can not be considered a hardware manufacturer. It is partly true, but these constitute a small part of the plans made by Jeff Bezos and his.

Artificial intelligence to unite them all

Amazon has become a hardware manufacturer with almost no noise "src =" content / uploads / 2015/08 / amazon-echo.jpg "alt =" Amazon became almost hardware-free hardware manufacturer

AI is the exclusive ring of the Amazon. Not only of this company, we already know that Google's plans are also " IA First " or Artificial Intelligence first. At first, it was applied to the store's product catalog, since the system must accurately recommend all products to its potential buyers. This enormous capacity for information and analysis enabled one of the most well-known personal assistants: Alexa .

From the product knowledge emerged one of the most powerful assistants: Alexa

Amazon Echo was the first manifestation of the two major businesses in the Amazon technology sector: intelligent software and home appliances . The company intends to dominate our homes with their appliances. It's easy, years ago, we opened the door and she literally walked into the kitchen.

Alexa started on Amazon Echo, but is already giving way to more devices. Amazon itself, like the Echo Dot or the Echo Show, and those of other companies competing with Google Assistant or Bixby: mobile manufacturers . Alexa has not yet reached much of the territory, as is the case in Spain, but Amazon will soon give the freedom to win more houses than the Americans, the Germans or the United Kingdom.

Amazon has become a hardware maker with almost no noise "src =" content / uploads / 2017/01 / amazon-echo-google-home.jpg "alt =" Amazon became almost hardware-free hardware manufacturer

Personal assistance and neural software bring portable devices. Those we saw in the form of speakers, other companies' smartphones and Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon has been evolving its Android tablet concept to stay at medium to low cost. The quality of the company as manufacturer leaves no doubt: acceptable design, good materials and better hardware than it cost . This translates to the crown jewel: Kindle ebooks.

Economy and quality are the characteristics of Amazon devices

The sample that Amazon has become a hardware reference is the Kindle line. They created a reference product that made the publishing market hesitant. The motivation was to sell books, not book readers, but all that accumulated experience serves to reach purely hardware companies . We do not rule out overcoming them in the short term.

Excellent devices that are also economical

size-full "title =" Amazon has become a hardware manufacturer with almost no noise "src =" Amazon has become a hardware maker with almost no noise.

Amazon has become a hardware manufacturer with almost no noise.

This is one of the keys to Amazon. I could say that it is a global Xiaomi still focused on very specific products that would summarize the company's attitude within the hardware. Although with a difference: Xiaomi caught relevance in an explosive way; Amazon did it so slowly that without realizing that it had become a technology giant.

Amazon is a kind of Xiaomi with still very specific devices

Amazon experimented and innovated. Sometimes it worked, like Echo with Alexa or Kindle ebooks. Others went wrong, like the sniffing Fire Phone . Of course, the echoes of this failure still resonate in the central offices; all despite Amazon risking a powerful and innovative smartphone. Unfortunately, at a very different price than the consumer was willing to pay for the company's own products.

The economy is tied to everything that Amazon sells for more that does not always offer cheaper products. This is transferred to their own products as an excuse to later sell contents . So everything that is feasible to monetize a posteriori will enter the focus of the Amazon.

Amazon technology catalog aims to grow as foam

Amazon has become a hardware maker with almost no noise "src =" Amazon has become a hardware manufacturer with almost no noise.

Amazon has become a hardware manufacturer with almost no noise.

We have a clear line of intelligent products for the home. Also entertainment devices that, in addition to tablets, leave your players on the TV. There have been several rumors that allow to fabricate a second smartphone which would be feasible. And it looks like, if it has come to this day almost without making any noise, what remains is to step on the accelerator to burn the wheel.

My opinion is that so far Amazon has adjusted the terrain. Pills well, great ebooks; No cell phones. He is reorienting his strategy in the hardware sector for home and smart devices. I think a better Android phone is more than feasible; maybe some sporty wearable, I would not be surprised if the company wanted to sneak into that segment. And why not, smart clothes: we are not so far from this future. I just know that as other manufacturers are neglected, Amazon will go full speed and non-stop .


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