Analysis of the Samsung Gear S3 after a year of use, an...

Analysis of the Samsung Gear S3 after a year of use, an excellent watch


After carrying a Samsung Gear S3 on the wrist for several months, I began to analyze it as a watch for someone looking for a smartwatch now. Still worth it?

The technology advances so fast that, as in football, "if you blink you miss it". Mobiles every week, revolutionary smartphones that take place without space to create a true revolution … And infecting the rest of the objects, which now has to be technological, intelligent and connected . Also note, of course.

Smartwatches have not evolved to the same level as smartwatches because the hardware stays in tune with what we've seen three or four years ago. 4 GB of storage, a balanced processor with low consumption, the round screen remained almost standard … This panorama brings some peace of mind to the purchase of a smartwatch since this will remain for a long time for a long time . The test is the Samsung Gear S3.

I had all Gears separated from many Android Wear, so when I bought the Samsung Gear S3 I knew exactly what it would offer me. My first assessment is clear: I would buy again without hesitation.

Features of the Samsung Gear S3

Smartwatches are more or less on the same line in terms of hardware, but the type of sensors, connections and their number are what make the difference. Also consumption and, somewhat unavoidable given that devices are always visible, its design . The Samsung Gear S3 is in compliance with the notice in all these sections, just see its spec sheet.

  • 46.1 x 49.1 x 12.9 mm.
  • 62 grams (57 grams of the classic).
  • Dual processor 1.0 GHz.
  • Screen 1.3 "360 x 360 Full Color AOD.
  • Gorilla Glass SR + .
  • RAM 768 MB and 4 GB of internal memory.
  • BT 4.2, WiFi b / g / n, NFC, MST, GPS / GLONASS.
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, HRM, ambient light.
  • 380 mAh battery
  • Inductive WPC wireless billing.
  • IP68.
  • Microphone and loudspeaker
  • Tizen OS (will be upgraded to Tizen 3.0).

It continues to have an exquisite design

 Review of Samsung Gear S3 a year later: it is still one of the best watches </p>
<p> There is a point where you have to influence when you get to talk about the look of the Samsung Gear S3: <strong> is a very large and quite heavy clock </strong>. The clear-inspired design for the chronographs is what guides the following guidelines, so it is one of the most bulky smartwatch that can be found. This does not have to be bad if you are one of those who enjoy the classic watches since <strong> which is what distills the Gear S3: class </strong>. Both in its classic version and in the Frontier (in this second, something more thanks to the leather strap as standard). </p>
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The Samsung Gear S3 is a solid and great watch with a very masculine aesthetic

The watch case is made of stainless steel and has a slider dial that doubles as options and menus. The movement is exquisite, although the wheel is very difficult to understand, especially in the Classic model. In addition, there are no downsides, nor with protection from dust and water: the smartwatch can get in the tub and even swim . Not the most indicated, yes.

 Review of the Samsung Gear S3 a year later: it is still one of the best watches </p>
<p> The appearance is of a classic chronograph with a screen that, besides being rigid and protected against scrapes and blows, offers a spherical screen that <strong> seems perfect in all situations </strong>. Two buttons on the right side that do not fit very well in the control of the menus (I have the feeling that Tizen could be manipulated only with the button and a button) and a plastic back where the sensor is anchored in the wrist base and one side of the speaker output. </p>
<p> The Samsung Gear S3 comes with a handle that matches the look of the watch depending on the model. In the classic, it comes with a thick black leather strap; At the Border, he changes the material to the eraser. In both we can choose any other type of belt: <strong> the coupling is universal (22 mm) </strong>. </p>
<h2> Performance at the peak of the best smartwatch </h2>
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The screen of the Gear S3 is impressive under all circumstances, also under the sun

The Samsung Gear S3 shows all the power needed to handle any application, also games. The Samsung Apps store offers games for smartwatch, but I do not think a watch is the best device to play. Yes for control of exercise, climate and, above all, personalization. Here is unmatched: The number of spheres available in the store is overwhelming . Great quality, although the diversity is not as much as it seems.

 Review of Samsung Gear S3 a year later: it is still one of the best watches </p>
<p> One of the key points of this smartwatch is that it offers a speaker and includes <strong> S Voice as standard </strong>. The operation of the wizard leaves much to be desired as it often does not respond with the solution we are looking for or loses the connection to the phone. And, all the time, let's hear it, just like we have the option to call by cell phone using only the watch. This causes the calls to be default to the clock when it is linked, I recommend disconnecting it. </p>
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With the S3 Gear you can talk on the watch phone, like in the Fantastic Car

A smartwatch is a device that is basically used for notifications and exercise monitoring, two functions covered by Samsung Gear S3. Even we can respond to messages from the WhatsApps or Telegram of the watch and without using the cell phone .

Sports practice has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a sportsman looking for an exhaustive control of routines, forget the Samsung Gear S3 since is not accurate enough . On the other hand, GPS correctly records routes and saves them to Samsung Health; application that allows you to export the data to other services, such as Strava. As for the pulse sensor, I would say is very unstable . It beats low heart rate and fails miserably when it comes to tracking your heart rate during training.

Very good drums, although not a marvel

 With the S3 Gear, you can talk on the phone from the clock, as in the Fantastic Car "</p>
<p> <strong> The Samsung Gear S3 behaves very well in terms of autonomy </strong> especially when compared to direct competition. The two and a half days / almost three are common with the current use: no battery restrictions, with automatic screen and without using GPS. With exercise, it lasts two days. And if we restrict consumption only <strong> the clock goes quietly to 5 days </strong>; although it misses most of the sense as smartwatch. </p>
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From 2 to about 6 days, these are the extremes as consumption restrictions activate

You will not escape the charge base for more than 2 days. This base is charging wirelessly and has a magnet that attracts the Samsung Gear S3 to the correct position. Samsung includes a micro USB charger in the package. Yes, micro USB.

Update for Tizen 3, a breath of fresh air with ups and downs

 Review of Samsung Gear S3 a year later: it is still one of the best watches </p>
<p> Samsung recently released the Value Pack <strong> for its Samsung Gear 3 </strong>: an update that brings the improvements of Samsung Gear Sport to the previous model of smartwatch; in addition to a new version of the system, <strong> Tizen 3 </strong>. I was with this version a few weeks ago and my feeling is positive; with some disadvantages. </p>
<p><a title=

The appearance of the interface improves notably: the design is more polished, additional information is added to the widgets and the settings menu is simplified to aid in understanding and manipulation. The increase of the version in the base system is not noticeable: the clock is already running smoothly and steadily before the arrival of Tizen 3 .

Tizen 3 brings a better interface design and a new continuous pulse mode, among other novelties

Yes, I noticed a little lower autonomy, especially when I activate one of the main novelties: continuous pulse tracking . The watch already warns about the loss of battery with this tracking, but the reduction of autonomy I noticed weeks later, not after activating it. In addition, GPS efficacy was notably reduced . So much so that the recording of the exercises is a headache: it is often disconnected during the middle of the practice.

 Review of Samsung Gear S3 a year later: it is still one of the best watches </p>
<p> Samsung is aware of these errors so it will not take long to start an update patch. In addition, the Samsung Gear S3 software is excellent: easy to use, with everything a user of the watch needs and full of options to offer some autonomy, such as music <strong> even without Bluetooth headphones </strong>]. </p>
<h2> If you are looking for a smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3 is a guaranteed option </h2>
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