Android Auto and Google Assistant, the wizard arrives at your car

Android Auto and Google Assistant, the wizard arrives at your car


The omnipresence of the Google assistant is guaranteed: in addition to phones, tablets, televisions, smart screens … Google Assistant will also reach cars.

Maybe we do not need a virtual assistant on every technology device we use, in fact, it does, but that will not stop us from having it. And it's just that Google Assistant was born to offer access to information and assistance from anywhere: because we only need the voice to be suitable for any device . Also the cars.

Android Auto is integrated with a multiplicity of vehicles of different brands. With a center console with screen, from which you can access the different functions of the vehicle other than the Android Auto, the system allows you to connect with an Android phone to act in symbiosis. And soon both will have access to the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will begin arriving at Android Auto later this week

CES is giving Google Assistant a lot of self. It's not only integrated into Android Things that brings voice help to any connected device, it's also included in Android Auto; in addition the wizard improves with new actions integrated in the platform .

The wizard operation on Android Auto will be similar to the voice commands that are currently used in the car. As it happened on the phone, suddenly changed Google Now by Google Assistant the wizard will jump in the car every time he recognizes "Ok Google." Once the command is detected, we can instruct you to do what we need or look for information, all without looking away from the road.

While there are devices where the Wizard does not make sense, the reverse is true in vehicles: having a system that recognizes orders naturally allows us to save distractions thinking of saying Android Auto to turn up the volume, search for an address or play music. This is an advantage that should result in safety, also in comfort.


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