Android Nougat beats Lollipop as the second most used version

Android Nougat beats Lollipop as the second most used version


As in every month, Google has published a report for developers in which they show usage statistics for Android versions. A report for developers know which versions to launch their applications. It is also a useful tool to know how fragmentation is in our system.

As we've seen in the previous months, Nougat continues to grow on its way to being the most up-to-date version. Almost a year and a half after its official launch, this month has become the second most widely used Android beating Lollipop and approaching vertiginously to Marshmallow which is still the most widely used version.

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Fragmentation is a theme we see constantly on Android, and Google reminds us every month with the reports they develop for developers. In this monthly report, we can see how the distribution of Android versions has varied.


As of January, we can; this time yes; that Android Nougat has already outperformed Lollipop, becoming the second most popular version of Android with a share of 26.3% if we add versions 7.0 and 7.1. With 28.6%, Android 6.0 Marshmallow ; version that was released at the end of 2015; It is still the most widespread version of Android. This is not surprising since it was a very stable version and has remained strong over time, just as KitKat or Gingerbread have been majority versions in the past.

Something that the Android report makes clear is that almost half of Android users (approximately) still use a mobile shipment 2014 if we consider the manufacturer update policy at that time (we made a big progress, but still very much improved).

It's a fact that breaks a lot with the supposed two-year life cycle we give our cell phones. Manufacturers should keep in mind that many Android users are willing to use their cell phone for more than four years (or more, with current hardware upgrades) and start acting accordingly.



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