Android One is the most important that Google made for Android in...

Android One is the most important that Google made for Android in years


Finished in Mobile World Congress we looked at some issues that we consider to be of some importance, and that may have been a little unnoticed. Android One is one of them.

For many, Android One is no more than pure Android, an excuse on the part of Xiaomi to sell mobile phones to those who do not want MIUI, but nothing is further from reality. Android One had a strong presence during the MWC 2018 thanks to brands like Nokia.

Android One is much more important than that. Today, we tell you everything you need to know about Android One.

Android One, the beginning

The truth is that Android One is not a new project, and it was presented on Google almost four years ago in India. The goal of Android One in its day was to solve a very specific problem in emerging markets.

The problem? We are talking about it in these countries, the minimum wage is so low that the majority of the population does not have access to smartphones and the alternatives of this market have not been able to offer a worthy user experience.

Android One was born to ensure a low-range experience.

Google's solution was to create a program called Android One, which aimed to make manufacturers able to manufacture inexpensive and functional handsets for this resourceless public. To do this, the big G has made a number of recommendations that hardware must include these phones to ensure a cycle of updates in a chaotic market.

Today, what was known as Android One was renamed Android Go, with Oreo 8.1 being the first version to integrate this new system.

Android One we know today is completely different

Android One was reborn a few months ago as a new project, leaving the market the most basic range from Android to Android Go. What is Android Go to Today?

This is a brand that focuses on the middle of the range. It's a more closed project than the Android we always know . Not all manufacturers can launch a device with Android One, as it is a trademark created by Google for partners with whom it works more closely.

One of the last manufacturers to join the Android One program was the Spanish manufacturer BQ, with its future BQ Aquaris X2. The Spanish manufacturer has defined what Android One means in four key points.

  1. It has only what you want: An experience without add-ons, a cleaner Android.
  2. The best Google applications: Highlight Google Photos, where we will have unlimited storage for full resolution photos.
  3. Security: In addition to Google Play Protect, HRC is committed to implementing monthly security patches for three years.
  4. Google and BQ are committed to the mobile getting Android updates for at least two years.

A look back: Nexus and Google Play Edition

This is not the first time that Google tries to adopt the philosophy of its software for other brands and in the past, the big G has had two attempts to create Android phones with a certain level of synchronicity between hardware and software .

The first of them was the Nexus project a project that has been with us since the beginning of 2010 with the Nexus One and was maintained until the end of 2015, with the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P.

At the time, Google chose a manufacturer each year with which they would create a mobile phone, in which the manufacturer contributed hardware, and Google handled software and the updates. These phones never became the best of the best of Android (perhaps the Nexus 6P was the exception), but they had a community of users who was delighted with Google's Android experience.

Another Google experiment was the Google Play Edition a program in which we could buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One; among other phones. The feature of these phones is that they did not bring the customization layer of each manufacturer, but the software was exactly the same as what happened on a Nexus, but with the best phones of the moment. It was not an experience that ended very well, everything was said.

What phones does Android One have today?

Today, manufacturers who have opted for Android One are Motorola, Xiaomi, HTC, Nokia and BQ, with the following models:

  • Xiaomi Mi A1.
  • HTC U11 Life.
  • Motorola Moto X4.
  • Nokia 6 2018.
  • Nokia 7 Plus.
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco.
  • BQ Aquaris X2.

The importance and the need for a quality seal

Recapping, we talked about the past of Android One, its present and what it means for the user. But why is this really so important? Well, for a matter of marketing and is that not all users are aware to know if a cell phone is good or will be of size.

Xiaomi Mi A1 "width =" 960 "height =" 720 "/>

The most important message of Android One is on the back of every cell phone enrolled in the program. Along with the manufacturer's serigraphy, we found the Android One logo.

This is a very powerful logo, and the reason for this is that Google is not giving this brand to any manufacturer (as if it happened on Android), but to a select number of small terminals. The Android One logo represents a maximum commitment of the manufacturers chosen by Google.

Quality seals guarantee an experience of use.

A stamp of such important quality? Yes, and we see examples on a daily basis. In gastronomy, the designation of origin indicates that the product that precedes us is of an already proven quality. Without having ideas of wine, if we are offered a Sherry or to Rioja we are absolutely certain that we will have a quality wine.

Sherry wine is a world reference.

Another story about the importance of quality seals is in the world of video games. The Nintendo Seal of Quality changed the video game industry at a time when not all video games were recommended. With a simple logo, Nintendo began to tell consumers which games the manufacturer approved as high quality products.

Google's responsibility for the future will continue to promote the Android One brand so users feel that this quality label is an indication that can be trusted without any question. A guarantee that it will be a product without the negative surprises present in other phones. An Android for all.


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