Android TV Oreo will have a new interface focused on video content

Android TV Oreo will have a new interface focused on video content


Google shows more information about the changes in the interface that Android TV will suffer with the arrival of Android Oreo.

Android TV is Google's operating system for smart TVs, based on Android. It inherits many applications and functions that enhance the viewing of content in the room. Although Android Oreo has been on Android phones and even watched a few months ago, has not yet reached Android TV, but will do so with a new interface.

New design of Android TV Oreo focused on content

Current interface (Android TV Nougat)

When you turn on the television, it's supposed to be something to watch. A series, a movie, a documentary … Now with devices like Chromecast or smart TVs also join this repertoire Youtube videos, straight into Twitch …

The main thing is multimedia content that's what a television user spends. And that's what the new Android TV interface wants to improve with the Oreo update. A television is not like a cell phone, it does not make sense to show many application icons.

The update also brings improvements in the first steps with a new Android TV device. This will allow you to quickly select apps to install based on the ones you use on Android phones or tablets. The Google Assistant also gains more prominence.

 New interface of Android Android Oreo "</p>
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As you can see in the image, now each application can have its own line of content . Also, you do not have to limit yourself to just one, but you can show several. For example, YouTube shows a single video of one channel you've subscribed to and another of the recommended videos. These "lines" can be turned on and off to prove.

We are not dealing with a static box project, but by hovering over them they can play fragments or trailers. A way to capture the user's attention. In a "See Later" line all recommendations will be put together as next chapters of the series you started .

This does not lead to the loss of applications so far, which will remain available and accessible. If there are some that you use a lot, you can correct them so that the first ones always appear . Television controls generally do not like navigating the interfaces.

An update that will one day arrive

 New design of Android TV Oreo "</p>
<p> It does not matter that these features have already been shown in May of last year on Google I / O 2017. It does not matter if Android 8.0 Oreo was released in October. C <strong> is still waiting for Android TV Oreo </strong> just as Android Wear waited for its 2.0 update from May 2016 until the early months of 2017. </p>
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Google's "secondary" operating systems, such as Android TV, Android Wear or Android Auto, have great potential. Android TV can see it in Google's own numbers. 87% of Android TV users are active on the platform installed an average of 15 applications and their service subscriptions are more durable than those of mobile users.


Instead, instead of squeezing them to the max, it seems like Google is stumbling. Delays, changes with the dropper … Hopefully the Android development gears start spinning faster or it will look much advanced by other options .


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