Android Wear is really dead?

Android Wear is really dead?


The marches of technology managers are usually a lot more common than we think, but sometimes there are movements that cause more movement than others, like the example we put down below.

Vice President of Engineering for Android Wear leaves Google

It's not that it's one of the most important public faces of Android, but it's a character whose abandonment is giving a lot to talk about. This is David Singleton, a person who has worked for Google for more than a decade and who left the company today.


Singleton was known as vice president of engineering (19459010) of Android Wear, one of the alternative branches for Android, which has achieved less success over the years. However, for now, it seems that Google will continue to bet on Android Wear, for now, the system for watches still has a future.

David Singleton's new destination is Stripe, a mobile payments company where he will work as chief engineer . We hope to have good news of your new company in the very near future.

As the platform has changed over these three years, according to my experience

However, Singleton was one of the most contested because Android Wear came to fruition. What is the legacy of the product to which you dedicated your last years of career in Google?

Android Wear made its first public appearance in 2014, a year that undoubtedly left us good times. At the time, Google's enthusiasm for Android Wear was palpable, and they relied on smart watches just as they relied on Android.

Three years of technology give a lot but maybe in the case of Android Wear, not so much. Two years ago, I began my adventures with what I considered one of the best watches with Android Wear of the moment. I'm talking about Huawei Watch which I analyzed in your day and it looked like an excellent watch.

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I'm still wearing the same watch today, and the truth is that it also does not give me a bad experience, but seeing the carelessness with which Google is treating Android Wear, when it decides to renew my watch, it does not revert to bet on Android Wear. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro I liked it, so maybe I'd bet more for the Samsung Gear Sport.

was intended to be the next big revolution with independent applications and an interface change that should be better. Not so, Google Play for Android Wear shows us applications that we can download directly from the watch, but mainly they are just applications to complement the mobile, so independence is a bit unreal.

How should Google face the future of Android Wear?

There are many things that bother me about Android Wear, to the point of not believing that Google will do something real for this system. The bet is getting less ambitious, and it looks like Google did not end Android Wear today because of this commitment that big companies should be present in every industry.

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<p> There are several aspects that Google has broken with Android Wear, and I would not be surprised if David Singleton had left Google because they did not give way to take Android Wear to a better destination. <em> These are all the changes I think Google should do with Android Wear: </em> </p>
<ul> <strong> <strong> A clear theme: </strong> With the design change of Android Wear, it is impossible to read the notifications in sunlight. </li>
<li> <strong> Bet on native apps: </strong> An application for better display or absence of Gmail is unforgivable. </li>
<li> <strong> Developers! </strong> As much freedom as you give to standalone applications, developers should be encouraged, as Samsung and Apple already do. </li>
<li> <strong> Google Play Music: </strong> It has malfunctioned in previous versions of Android Wear. In the latter, it is virtually impossible to send music or podcast to the clock. </li>
<li> <strong> The Moto G watches: </strong> For the features they offer, watches with Android Wear are absurdly expensive. If you want to expand, you would need a simpler and more accessible version for the general public. </li>
<p> These are some of the ideas with which a humble server would improve Android Wear, however, there are many more. <em> How would you improve Android Wear? </em> </p>
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