at zero euros for very little time

at zero euros for very little time


We collect the best free applications that were previously paid. Applications, games, icon packs … Download them before recovering the usual price.

I do not know if you noticed, but today is the famous " Blue Monday " or the saddest day of the year. Another more invention to hide a fixed issue today, certainly not as sad as they say. In fact, let's prove: we have collected an excellent collection of free applications which will be in zero euros for a short period of time. Goodbye to sadness!

The applications and games you have below are at zero euros at the time of writing this article. You can download all the software and have it in the library forever: it will not cost you anything. In addition, we have collected three other offers that are worth taking advantage of. Turn Blue Monday on App Monday!

Free Android Applications

Free Android Games

Free Personalization Applications for Android


Not all applications are zero euros, we also have juicy offerings in which you have to sink the spoon before disappearing. These are our recommendations.

Pro Scientific Calculator

The cell phone already has its calculator, but this version of a scientific calculator is what you need for your math class. No ad, complete and 56% off.

Version: 6.6.0

Author: Scientific Software

Requires Android 4.1 and above

Droper – Notes in the Status Bar

A simple notes application with a key feature: It remains docked in the notification bar so you can create a note wherever you are. 40% less is worth taking advantage of.

Version: 1.5.8

Author: QappStudio

Requires Android 5.0 and above

No formatting

Original puzzle game in which we will discover a story based on Junction Letters. Full of challenges and imagination. For him, it is worth 66% more.

Version: 1.01

Author: Playdigious

Requires Android 2.3 and higher


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