Augmented reality in Android is capable of this and much more

Augmented reality in Android is capable of this and much more


Augmented reality on Android is here to stay, and we already have functional examples: from virtual objects that interact with the environment to games that use ambient light.

2017 is being the year of augmented reality without a doubt. Companies like Microsoft have been working for years on projects like Hololens, and these technologies are finally coming to our smartphones. No matter what an Android is than an iPhone, both are already compatible with augmented reality on the cell phone .

Google released a few weeks ago, ARCore to make this possible: a package of Android tools that make it work in augmented reality . Mountain View has learned a lot from projects like the Tango Project and is applying everything they know to ARCore and to all other Android devices.

The best examples of augmented reality in Android

Augmented reality can work with objects present in real life . This concept that brings us Google uses a real robot to travel a road with stage and virtual obstacles. It's a curious concept, but it shows us a way in which they could interact.

And you can not just use robots as part of augmented reality. We can also use something as elemental as a box that we cut and build. Moreover, it is also a good example of as augmented reality and machine learning can be joined .

In addition to showing that horror games could work very well this demo makes use of something very interesting: uses ambient lighting to change the conditions of the game. In this particular, the monster will only appear when we look into the darkness.

We've seen this as a developer initiative, but now it comes from ARCore. We have several QR codes spread across a tourist trail and pointing out that the mobile camera will appear a virtual publication that tells us more about the site where we are.

Finally, 9to5Google was able to prove this project that shows moving atoms . We can choose how quickly we want to go, how we want them to be displayed and move the model to see it better. A good example of augmented reality has room in classrooms .

And this is just the beginning of ARCore

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The truth is that ARCore has just been born a few days ago. Still needs work to reach all the phones with Android inside, plus the Galaxy S8 or the Pixel. But most importantly, developers still need to try and try what they can do with ARCore .

All these videos and proof of concept are the first steps that ARCore is taking, and part of the place where it could be directed over time. For the moment, we have to take us to the idea of ​​its possibilities. But how will the platform advance? What will the developers do with this in time? Will beat ARKit, your biggest rival in Apple's iOS?


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