Beware of Telegram copies, they are full of publicity

Beware of Telegram copies, they are full of publicity


The Google Play Store has a serious problem with duplicate apps and tries to pass as originals. Telegram is an example: applications with almost 1 million downloads and full of publicity.

Each person usually has one preferred application for everything else, so use another majority. WhatsApp and Telegram are a clear example: both offer instant messaging, but the second is at a much higher level in terms of features. Little by little, it gained as much notoriety as popularity, which gave rise to frauds.

Telegram is not like other messaging applications: even though the protocol is closed (MTProto), a large part of the application is open source; which means that anyone can compile their version compatible with Telegram servers by implementing functions that the version maintained by the company does not have . Although yes, advertising should not be part of the additions.

Telegram is an application with no ads. Until you install an incorrect copy …

Looking for "Telegram" in the Google Play Store makes it easier to run applications than the official one. We have Plus Messenger which is an improved version of the official with a much more polished and totally clean . But let's go further, there are examples that go beyond what is desirable.

Telegram + is a sample of the abuse of the Telegram API by a developer. The application itself is a copy of the Telegram, both in basic functionality and design. Although yes, the problem changes when you start to sign in with the account if you succeed: constant advertising in chats, when in no case should be allowed .

No messaging application sends direct mail in chats

The problem of Telegram + is twofold. On the one hand, there is the enormous rate of downloads: between 500 000 and 1 million an indignation if we consider that it is a bad copy that is clearly seen as such, a copy. And on the other side is Google's over-permissiveness before duplicating apps with clear intent to take advantage of users : The Play Store security mechanisms still do not work.

Telegram + is just one example, there are many others. Generally, they are generally content to fill out the ad application, but copies of Telegram with malware have been found. This is what Symantec tells in an article where analyzes several of the message application clones .

Teligram, an application expelled from Google Play for abusing ads

 Beware of Telegram copies, they are full of publicity. </p>
<p> Symantec discovered a diverse collection of <strong> Telegram clones </strong> with one that exceeded its eagerness to send advertisements to the user: <strong> Teligram </strong>. This application has cloned absolutely everything from the original, including the Google Play tab or the login design. Although yes, it came loaded with advertising for <strong> flood with ads </strong> for those who distracted. <strong> Teligram </strong> were downloaded between 100,000 and 500,000 times. </p>
<p> As usual, we always recommend looking at apps before downloading them, even from the official Android store. It's so easy to clone an application, its appearance and even publish it with almost the same name, which can strive to be experienced users. Google, that's fine. </p>
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