Bixby Voice already speaks Spanish, although not in all countries

Bixby Voice already speaks Spanish, although not in all countries


If next year will be artificial intelligence, we can not fail to say that this year 2017 was the year, with regard to software, of virtual voice assistants .


The protagonist was undoubtedly Google Assistant which is already available in Spain in our native language. But there are more options being one of the most expanded Bixby Voice .


Samsung's voice assistant was characterized by being able to interpret more effectively than Google, what was on the screen and interact with it. The problem is that the series was only in Korean, but shortly after English was activated as a language.

China was the next country to have such software operating in their language and it seems that Spanish will be the fourth. Yes, Spanish, but not in all countries.

The update in the United States begins

Samsung activated some users of Spanish as a language, but not in Spain or Latin American countries, but in United States . In this country, Spanish is the second most spoken language and has millions of users, with characteristics different from those of Europe or South America.

As we see in the screenshots for the user Evercola the system of your cell phone allows you to choose between English, Korean, Chinese or Spanish from the United States.

We tried to perform the same action, but we still appear English and Korean as options, so this update may be limited to cell phones that are located in a region or they sold well there.

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<p> However, this step provides clues about the future expansion of Bixby in our language and, since it is operational in Spanish in one region, it should not be too complicated to take it to the rest. </p>
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