Bookings of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 exceed 650,000 units

Bookings of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 exceed 650,000 units


Since the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 a few weeks ago, perhaps the question that remained in the air was … That would affect the price above 1000 € and its similarity with S8 + for sales ? Well, it seems not, at least not in the United States.


But this was not the only challenge the Korean company had to overcome. The previous note had a somewhat "explosive" evolution, which could have affected the confidence of customers in the brand.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is reserved faster than Note7

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 was a great cell phone, not only for its size, of course, but for its sales and quality. It was a pity he was no longer available, but that did not stop his customers; who waited until the new generation of mobile pen for to have their pre-sale rate go up .

Pre-sales began in the United States on August 24 with a price tag of $ 930; and 1010.13 euros in Spain. Samsung has rewarded those who bought a Samsung Galaxy Note7 at a discount for the new model.

It was DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, who revealed today that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 received 650,000 worldwide bookings . This means that Note8's pre sales were 2.5 times larger at the same time as its predecessor, Note7.

A growth without barriers

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This seems to indicate that we will not be before a failure of the last cellphone of Samsung, in spite of the price or the future of the range. Some will settle for a cheaper Samsung Galaxy S8 + and with similar size and features, for others, instead the pen and the best camera will be crucial.

In the end, everyone decides what they buy and why they buy it. Although there is little difference, for some it will be crucial. This will always be Samsung, Apple, LG, Xiaomi or any other brand.


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