Buy a briefcase for an expensive phone, does it make sense?

Buy a briefcase for an expensive phone, does it make sense?


Protecting your cell phone is important … but a lot?

With the price trend that our smartphones are getting, it has all the feel of the world that we want to protect them. Especially if you buy a high-end and overcome the barrier of 400 or 500 euros (or 200 inclusive). Risks, bruises or wear and tear are the worst nightmare of a normal user.

But when the design of a smart phone predominates, does really make sense to waste it by putting a case on it? The debate over whether to put a cover on a smartphone or is not up in the air, and personally, I have a fairly neutral stance on that aspect. Stay with me and take part in this curious debate.


One type of user and one type of sheath

In this life, there is everything and, as expected, there are different types of users and different types of cases. There are more cautious who prefer a sleeve that would outweigh the rugosity of a tank or would care more about the aesthetics, choosing elegant or in keeping with the design they have chosen.

Here comes esthetic game. There are covers that really increase the overall look of a device, giving it a new color and staying very well in many cases. Comfort joins the party, being intrinsic to the fact that the more security you need, the more ostentatious and ugly your terminal will become. Does it make up for it or not? In this case, you choose.

Personally, I think the option in this most plausible section is to buy more than one case. I also have some of them. Because? One to have my phone at home (where I can have it more safely) and much stronger to leave the house, because when I go out and see my friends, I do not intend to show the appearance of my cell phone, since I do not use it .

Materials also count

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<p> We will not enter into the debate about what material is better, since we deal with this many times in The Free Android. The question is what does a cover relative to <strong> for glass, metal or plastic. </strong> It is not uncommon to think that some materials are more resistant than others and others more aesthetic than others. </p>
<p><strong> Covering a smartphone, for example, <strong> of metal </strong> seems to me to be far more logical than covering an entire surface <strong> of glass. </strong> Ironically, I also find it illogical not to cover a material as fragile as the last one, dancing with the paradox of whether we should sacrifice aesthetics in search of safety. </p>
<p> By this, I do not mean that a metal phone can handle the blows better than a glass phone at all times. I've seen literally everything, so breaking a smartphone depends on hundreds of different factors that will only be balanced in case you put a cover. Although I always advocate that if you have to put a case, that is a metal phone. </p>
<h2> Design or functionality? </h2>
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Avoids breaking due to giving up aesthetics or taking advantage of the risk of a possible fall

Here I let the price decide for me. Does this exceed the 300 euro budget? Place a case as replacement will be more expensive. Is it a cheap phone? Enjoy the touch (if you have one) because although you have not spent too much, it is still an investment that you have to enjoy with your hands.

My position: bareback!

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<p> Although I am quite neutral and I think there are many factors to consider, my position is clear: buying a smartphone <strong> means taking advantage of it. </strong> It is a device with which you (literally) will live a long time of your life, months or years, and it does not make sense that in the search for a protection you do not have to sacrifice the contact of the product that you have acquired. </p>
<p> This has a price and are the risks of falls and their respective <strong> micro-infarcts. </strong> Nobody likes that his device is broken, and I am the first one who, when he falls on the cell phone in the head, a voice shouts a <em> <strong> "why I would not have found a case!". </strong> </em> But on an expensive phone, to my taste, <strong> makes up for it. </strong> </p>
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You buy a smartphone to enjoy it in every way

Some time ago I had the opportunity to try out a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a case, and the first thing I did when I used it was to get it out. The phone was not mine, and of course, if there had been a misfortune I would have paid the duck. But it was a Galaxy S8, and I could not afford to do without its incredible touch. Especially when my phones were always made of metal or plastic.

Either way, it enters into the mentality of any person and there are many opinions and details to consider. So it would be great if you commented your position on the comments. Of course, if you can, write from your PC keyboard. Maybe you drop your phone and a misfortune happens …


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