Chrome for Android is updated and prepares the biggest change in its...

Chrome for Android is updated and prepares the biggest change in its history


In recent months, the hegemony of Chrome as a web browser is not that it has disappeared but begins to hear the opinions of users who start to value other options.

Apple started with a strong improvement of Safari, although it is for Mac and iOS users. Then Opera was also renovated. But the biggest change came from Firefox that has been dramatically updated and is now an option to choose from for many on computers and mobile devices.

Google knows that it can not stay put and is working on a new Chrome interface for Android. In version 63, which is the last stage released, we can now easily activate the news.

How to activate the new interface

In order to see the new options and the new interface, we have to go to the experimental section, which has been redesigned. In the browser, we put chrome: // flags and when we load the page, we look in the upper left corner.

A result will appear and we must activate it. We restart the browser twice and the new aesthetic will appear, dominated by the navigation bar and accesses in the lower area.

New way to use Chrome

 Chrome for Android updates and prepares the biggest change in its history "</p>
<p> This change will come in future versions of the application and will be activated by default, but today we can choose whether we want to or not. </p>
<p> Once activated, we can write the searches <strong> </strong> at the bottom, continue moving from one tab to another by sliding your finger on this bar or moving in the new marker area. </p>
<p> To do this, we have to <strong> move the bar </strong> upwards, opening the new window where we can choose to access the downloads, the favorites, the beginning or the browsing history in a much simpler way than before. </p>
<h2> Best interface for web applications </h2>
<p> <img class= url and saving the shortcut on your desktop (using the new version of Chrome, of course).

This app can be downloaded from the Play Store, although if you do not have version 63, you can download at this link .

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: varies by device


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