Customize your sharing menu by configuring the applications you use most

Customize your sharing menu by configuring the applications you use most


Sharing on Android is extremely simple, this is one of the advantages of our system. Although you can go even faster: correct the applications that are most useful.

The sharing menu is usually one of the points of comparison between Android and iOS. Both offer a simple way to move content between one application and another, but there is no doubt that Google integrates a much more complete menu. With the option to customize it so that you go faster.

The sharing menu on Android varies by version, but we will always be able to move content between apps that are compatible with it . Android will adjust this menu according to what we use most, but we can anchor the most important applications so that they are always at the top, at least from Nougat . Do not you know how? Easy easy.

Fix the most used main applications


The manual process is quite simple, but does not work on all phones and manufacturers. By default, Android 7 Nougat has the following system:

  • Opens an app to share content and clicks "Share".
  • Choose the application you want and press and hold it.
  • Click "Repair", and from this moment you will always be the first in the list.

As I said, this is the way to do it manually on most mobile phones that have at least the Android 7 Nougat . There will be manufacturers that have implemented it in previous versions and others that have disabled the function on your cell phone with Nougat, as it happens with Samsung's . In this case, we can always use an application to organize the elements of the share menu on Android

For this task, we will use the application Fliktu . It has not been updated since 2015, but still works correctly even on Android 8 Oreo (I checked with Sony Xperia XZ1 ). It looks attractive and allows us to do what we're looking for: fix applications at the top . Three specifically, one for each position.

Version: 1.2.4


Requires Android 4.1 and above

The method is as follows:

  • Activate Fliktu as a standard tool when sharing elements and check "Always".
  • Navigate through the upper flaps of the Fliktu settings and enter "Menu".
  • Choose the applications you want to set left, middle, and right.
  • How to Fix Apps on the Share Menu on Android "

How to Fix Apps on the Share Menu on Android" src = "https: // "alt =" How to fix apps in the share menu in Android "

From now on will open the Fliktu menu whenever you want to share something with the three applications always chosen above. This is useful so that they always remain in the top position, even if you use other applications on a majority basis. This will save you some time to share something urgent.


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