Customized ROMs will make sense again thanks to Google

Customized ROMs will make sense again thanks to Google


There was a time when you wanted to tighten your Android at the most, you had to install a custom ROM. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to get a good experience, and therefore, the use of ROMs was in suffering. A new feature of Android 8.0 Oreo could give new light to independent developments.

Android and ROMs, the need for entertainment

You may not remember this, but there was a time when Android support from manufacturers was catastrophic. That Google released a new version every six months and that hardware evolved at the same pace resulted in update policies that did not convince much.


In addition, Android in its early versions was ugly something that the manufacturers solved with their layers of customization, layers that weighed performance.

Not everything was so bad, and one of the benefits of Android is that being an open source system, anyone could take the system base and change the software from their mobile. Known as custom ROMs, these versions were the best of Android as they increased autonomy, improved performance and kept us up to the latest version of Android.

Over the years, ROMs are declining. On the one hand, improvements in hardware no longer require us to modify the phone to take advantage of it, while manufacturers have put the batteries in, and in many cases, we have lost more than we have gained by changing a ROM.

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But even if custom ROMs are low, there is still an important reason to continue using ROMs for those who are tedious to install. We refer to the updates, and is as far as we evolve, support for updates on Android is still unfortunate.

It was at the beginning of the year that Google announced Project Treble a novelty that would come to phones that included Android 8.0 from the factory (those upgrading from earlier versions did not have guaranteed update).


And what is Treble good for? It's a change in the architecture of Android that allows manufacturers to update their phones more easily. At the moment, Google has already announced that the new Pixel 2 will have three years of updates, although the rest of the manufacturers have not yet manifested. Facilitating upgrade does not mean that manufacturers will give us better support.

Even so, the community is showing us that the Treble Project is not talk, but a feature that works. A few weeks ago they got a Huawei Mate 9 with Android 8.0 AOSP (clean version of Android) and could move that ROM to a very different cell phone without difficulty. Today, we see how Huawei Mate 10 succumbs to the Treble, with a fully functional version.

Why would it be worth installing a ROM

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Acquiring a cellphone that has Trebble turned on (that is, any cell phone that has Android 8.0 from the factory) will have a better life expectancy. There will be manufacturers who take advantage of the benefits of Trebble and offer us support never seen on Android, while in those cases we will not be completely abandoned.

The developer community has shown us that having a cell phone with Trebble is a test of the future . By eliminating the need for drivers, making updates to ROMs will be much easier on your next mobile.

On the other hand, by eliminating dependence on drivers, we will have a more united community. Today, there are phones that have many ROMs and communities, while others hardly have functional versions. By eliminating the need to adapt a ROM for each mobile device, less popular devices will have access to better updates.

But not everything will be perfect

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Obviously, a revolution in the world of ROMs is approaching does not mean that we will all go mad to buy cell phones with Trebble and go back to those glorious years.

While loading a ROM is easier than ever, the installation process will be as complex as ever. Yes, if you are already accustomed to playing with this type of version, it will still be a game for children, but if you are a new user, it will not be easy for you.

With Trebble, some of the problems associated with ROMs disappear (incompatibilities, insects to drivers), but it remains a simple patch that is unable to cover a wound. Manufacturers have a responsibility to show us that they will make good use of Treble.


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