Dinosaur Chrome is already so Google Play game

Dinosaur Chrome is already so Google Play game


Like the Chrome Dinosaur game, the one that appears when there is no connection? Do you want to play without disconnecting mobile and Wi-Fi networks? This Android game, available on Google Play brings you and gives you a ringtone.

But wait, what is the Chrome dinosaur?

Certainly many know the dinosaur that runs these lines. This is what appears in Google Chrome when we have no connection Internet. When you press the spacebar, you will see that it starts to jump on the screen. And if we do several times in a row the dinosaur will start running forward.


In doing this we started an infinite set where we have to jump to delude the obstacles to get as far as possible. The goal is to get the highest possible score in this type of minigame. Even if we get far enough, let's see how the browser changes between night and day.

Amuse Chrome Dinosaur game even while taking the Internet

Jumping Dino the Chrome Dinosaur on Android

But to get this game, we have to go offline. It's fun to kill time if we run out of the Internet. But will not take the Internet to play . So a developer decided to take this game for Android, and give a touch to make it more fun.

It gives a touch that adds dinosaurs with different abilities, and the game can run faster and jump Crouch in addition . It's harder but also more fun. Perfect for playing and try to get as many coins as you can, or go as far as you can. We even have different scenarios that recreate Earth's ages.

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