discover mistakes and make money

discover mistakes and make money


The new security program called by Samsung invites you to discover the risks that your cell phones have. Did you find any? You can earn up to $ 200,000.

The safety of Samsung's mobile phones often draws cyclical controversies such as the one we highlighted yesterday with facial recognition . The manufacturer made a remarkable effort to improve security, something that can be seen in the secure folder, iris recognition or Knox. Is it enough? Even for the professional level, but Samsung is not happy and challenges you to test them.

The new rewards program that is already active rewards with up to $ 200,000 errors discovered on their devices. The amount depends on the level of risk detected and as long as they affect the applications and the native system. The challenge is appealing to those who understand security, there will surely be many who try. Let's hope that not a lot of them can discover any vulnerability.

Samsung seeks to make your phones safer by allowing you to test them


The challenge is already open. The number of cell phones offered as a battlefield is 38; and reach the latest S8 or Note 8 for 2014 smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 . The list of mobile devices is delimited and should always be attacked in the latest firmware version and with the latest security patches. An incentive for Samsung to make an effort to upgrade their smartphones? Why not then you will not have to release money.

The tests will be performed on the system and installed applications that are Samsung's own. Phishing attacks can not be used nor scenarios that are given by a very concrete and complex casuistry. Any software errors that do not affect security will not be eligible to access the prizes.

There are 4 levels, depending on the severity of the error found: critical, high, moderate and low . It is clear that the amount of awards will be in line with the vulnerability and its level; going from 200 to 200,000 dollars .

Do you want to participate in this new security program? Just attach the error found through here . And you can read the bases on on this page .


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