Download all OnePlus 5T wallpapers

Download all OnePlus 5T wallpapers


The wallpapers of the OnePlus 5T screen do not take a day to appear on the web once the phone has been presented. Do you want it on your cell phone? No problem, you can download them.

Not that OnePlus 5T is a major change from the previous model, OnePlus 5, which at the hardware level is almost identical. But that changes the outward appearance, at least in the front: its new almost borderless screen dominates the charisma of the new model. And if we talk about screen …

Full HD + resolution for an AMOLED optical panel standing at 6.01 inches. We do not yet know if this phone will inconvenience the screen that received OnePlus 5, but we have seen all the wallpapers or wallpapers with which it leaves the factory. We already saw and installed them, by the way.

Quality backgrounds with some news about OnePlus 5

Most wallpapers are shared between OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5, so do not expect a huge collection of wallpapers ( 5 are new ones ). Yes, they are adapted to the new conditions of the screen: since it is a panel with a ratio of 18: 9, the backgrounds are a bit longer to fit Full HD + resolution.

Vibrant colors, artistic scenery where these colors predominate, contrasts to take advantage of the Optic AMOLED panel that the OnePlus 5T looks like … This collection of images is perfect for any cell phone: you can resize them to your liking once download it and install it on your phone.

The entire collection of OnePlus 5T wallpapers is on the following link. Download them and place them on your mobile phone: on November 21, you will have default when buy your smartphone from the OnePlus store . If you decide to get hold of him, of course.

Download all OnePlus 5 wallpapers