Download now ARCore 1.0

Download now ARCore 1.0 [APK]


Google plans to give a boost to augmented reality, its stable version of ARCore is ready, the evolution of now extinct (Project) Tango . Taking advantage of the fact that MWC 2018 starts now and that the current focus will be on Barcelona, ​​ ARCore 1.0 will appear to open the way for the RA on Android . And the application has already been released.

ARCore 1.0 is available in the Google Play Store but also in the form of an installable apk file. Google lowered the requirements compared to the previous beta and now ARCore can be installed seamlessly on almost any smartphone with Android 7 Nougat and above not just those with Android 8.1. Although, at the moment there is no content available.

Google wants to bring its augmented reality to millions of Android devices

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Tango was an ambitious project that had a fundamental disadvantage: the need to have additional hardware to approach true experience in augmented reality. It worked fine, but the cell phones where it was available were scarce, large, and expensive. Google did not mind this until it reached with its ARKit and stole its toast.

Augmented reality on iOS works on the brand's latest devices without additional hardware. It is at such an advanced level that it has a category within the App Store. Android is long overdue, which is why this MWC is the starting signal for the democratization of increased quality .

It was planned that ARCore 1.0 will be featured on MWC 2018, but is now available for download. We tested this on an LG V30 with Android 7 and on a HTC U11 Life with Android Oreo 8.0, in both the Apk was installed without problems . Although, you should keep in mind that ARCore is just the application that adapts the system to augmented reality playback : There is no content yet compatible with mobile phones that do not have Android 8.1. AR Stickers is the right application for ARCore.

While installing Apk is a bit frustrating because we can not do anything with it if we're not on Android 8.1, it allows us to see what's coming. Google will introduce the system to the MWC, developers have been working with the SDK for months, and we will begin to see apps and games using the new augmented reality .

Version: 0.91.171127093

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: varies by device


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