Download wallpapers and ringtones for Android 8.0 Oreo

Download wallpapers and ringtones for Android 8.0 Oreo


When a new version of Android is announced, there are many details that need to be seen. The most obvious are the new major features, which are assumed to be different from previous versions. In this case, we have the use of Picture in Picture with various applications, something that little by little can change the way we use the system.

We also have improvements that, without being so spectacular or visual, help us in the day to day, as we said in a occasion. Here we have, for example, the new option to use Wifi without having to have a common access point.

But besides that, there is another question that is always interesting, see how the new Easter egg will be as much as the download of wallpapers and new tones that we will have available. And that's what we bring you today, so if you want, you can use them on your cell phones. It never hurts to change the aesthetics and sounds of our cell phone to give it a facelift.

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-322059 size-full" title = "Download wallpapers and ringtones from Android 8.0 Oreo" src = " Uploads / 2017/08 / android-oreo.jpg "alt =" Download wallpapers and ringtones for Android 8.0 Oreo "

Android 8.0 wallpapers Oreo

The wallpapers that are included in the system are several of the various resolutions and occupy 7.76 MB in a ZIP. When we decompress them, we can use them, although depending on the resolution of our screen, they will appear better than others.

Sounds of Android 8.0 Oreo

In addition, they are also available to download system sounds in three packages, depending on their usage. We have ringtones, notification tones and alarm tones.


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