Dropbox will be integrated with Google Drive, Hangouts and Gmail

Dropbox will be integrated with Google Drive, Hangouts and Gmail


The storage and creation of online document options has never been so numerous. What Dropbox popularized over a decade ago was replicated by large corporations and today we have solutions from Microsoft or Apple, although the most used is Google.

There are many users who have accounts on many of these services and that is why Dropbox and Google have announced an agreement by which their tools will be integrated. In particular, Google will be affected HangOuts, Doogle Drive (with spreadsheets, word processing and slideshow) and Gmail.

How will this affect users

The intention of both companies is to improve the workflow of users who use all the above mentioned services.


For example, we can create, open, and edit Google Tool Files that we store in Dropbox the same way we do now in Google Drive.

Also in Dropbox you can use any of Google's tools to edit compatible files, even if they were not created with them.

Administrators of Dropbox business accounts will be able to manage Google Docs, Slides or Spreadsheets as they do with other types of files.

Regarding Gmail, users will be able to install a new add-on in their email account that will allow them to open files from their Dropbox account directly from Gmail. Likewise, you can browse our Dropbox folders on HangOuts when we talk or call.

However, the integration will not take place yet and we will have to wait until the second half of the year to see this run.

It seems that the company wants to strengthen its position in front of the jump to the stock market in which it is currently working best way to do it with one of the biggest bases of online users of the world, Google .


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