€ 799 with Chromecast and a gift sleeve

€ 799 with Chromecast and a gift sleeve


If you were thinking of getting a Pixel 2 XL, this month is for sale. Orange sells it with a single payment of € 799, and includes a Chromecast and a gift sleeve. Perfect if you were already looking.

After leaving the Nexus range, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were Google's attempts to face a new year. They are a sample of what Google wants to be Android, the operating system that outlines the giant search engine zero. And parts like their cameras have also gained recognition from critics and the general public.

Perhaps the only thing we can blame the Pixel 2 XL, in addition to details like the screen, is the price . It's an expensive phone, it costs € 959 without sales or promotions. It depends on the price of iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, really. Knowing this, it is always good to find offers that reduce the price .

Pixel 2 XL reduced to € 799 in Orange Spain

And the last offer comes from the hand of Orange, operator with the exclusive distribution of the Pixel 2 XL in our country . It is the only operator in which we can find the device and used the month of January to lower prices.

The particular offer makes available to Pixel 2 XL for 799 € if we pay it at once. An economy of € 160 compared to the original price. If we pay in installments, the price is reduced to € 671, but we are connected to Orange for two years. In both cases, we have a cover and a Chromecast gift, valued at € 84.

According to Orange's online store, all these offers are exclusive to the online store . This means that Orange's physical stores may not have this offer, although we may ask for it. If the offer attracts you, you can find out more at the online store online .


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