Experimental browser with advanced options: Cake Browser

Experimental browser with advanced options: Cake Browser


There are associations that are made automatically when reading or talking about something. One such association is the web browser on Android devices. Do not put that face, I know what you're thinking: Google Chrome is the browser that comes to mind.

So, from time to time, it's good to see what alternatives there are and if they're kin and worth following them. We are facing one of these different proposals that bring a breath of fresh air to the ecosystem of web browsers. Do you want to know what it is? We started!

Cake Browser

Under this sweet name, we find a unconventional navigator . It breaks the traditional web browser schematics a bit, adding some pretty significant details when using it and incorporating a different way of showing the searches.

After downloading and installing it, approximately 21Mb, we see a setup wizard while we run it. In this wizard, we can select the default search engine and grant some other permission.

There is one aspect that is a bit irritating regarding permissions: this browser has an obsessive tendency to be the default browser. In fact, even stating that we do not want to make it predetermined at the moment, he insists on showing us a notification about it.

A design quite different from the usual

We have commented that this browser's proposal is unusual, and it is something we check immediately after running it. First we will find a much larger search bar / address than usual. This bar shows the search results when we write.

Below, we will find a bar with icons that offer different search options : videos, images, searches, news, shopping. When selecting one of these options, we will indicate the type of search that we want to perform.

Everything we need in the first ring

The way to represent searches is another of its main characteristics, since, instead of going through the typical list of links, what we will find will be different tabs related to the research we did:

  • Video: we will find guides from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video search engines.
  • Images: will offer us images guides from Google, Giphy and other search engines.
  • Search: will open tabs of sites related to the search conducted.
  • News: The guides that will appear to us are from news sites.
  • Shopping: We can see different online shopping sites.

There is an advantage in using this system because we can get a good idea of ​​what we are looking for. We just need to slide from one tab to another so we can read all the information.

A very improbable web browsing

What is not so bright is the web browsing, because in the surveys we have gestures and multiple results. We hope to find something similar in what is navigation, and it is not so. In fact, Cake Browser becomes another browser.

Does not stand out in anything relevant, counting on an ads blocker or incognito mode . If you are looking for something more, this browser will not give it at the moment, we must remember that it is still in development. We also have the option to share the websites and save the pages in favorites.

Special mention to favorites or Slices as they are called in the Cake Browser since we found some pretty interesting presets. A good example is that of "Social" that, by clicking on it, will open in different guides all the social networks that can happen to us and maybe we do not even know it.

This system is a good way to have sufficient sources of information using just a simple touch on our screen. It will be necessary to see how these characteristics behave in the day to day.


This is a browser with serious proposals on the screen of our device, taking into account that can still improve a lot in some aspects to be in development. Perhaps in the part of the navigation in the web there is a certain disenchantment. After testing the polls, something more revolutionary was expected.

is a free browser. So, it is from those applications that it is all right to accompany them and see their evolution . I hope they continue on the way sweet and they do not spoil the cake.


Author: Cake Technologies Inc

Requires Android 6.0 and above


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