External cameras, a good solution for cheap cell phones

External cameras, a good solution for cheap cell phones


DxO Mark announces the quick sale of its external camera to mobile phones. And we ask ourselves: is it a good idea? For cheaper cell phones, yes.

If we look back, only 5 or 6 years, we found that the mobile cameras had a decent quality, but could not be compared to a compact . This is something that smartphones have outgrown, not only at the highest end: any decent cell phone already captures large images and videos . So, who wants a compact? We can reinvent it by making it an accessory.

External cameras for smartphones or modular are nothing new. For example, a few years ago, Sony launched this type of device that secured great photos with less hardware than any SLR. The intention was to improve such a crucial aspect in a smartphone as the camera, as with the DxO Mark mobile phone accessory . Yes, the same ones that give ratings to the cameras.

Let's say you have a decent cell phone for which you want to enhance your photo side. Well, you just need to put the DxO One thanks to the built-in USB and you're done: Your mobile phone will be the camera viewer . It seems superfluous and out of place; until you realize that you can convert a 200-euro smartphone into a better-quality camera than a high-end cell phone. And maintain portability.

External camera, an expendable accessory that resolves photographic deficiencies

One of the key sections in any analysis is that of the camera. Manufacturers know this; Therefore, they innovate in this field when they develop any smartphone, especially those that go up to 700 euros . It's something we should demand: if they charged us with so much money, they should make great photos.

When a manufacturer charges us more than 700 euros for the mobile phone, we should demand the best camera

Is the midrange camera usually bad? Of course, we can not ask for the same benefits in comparison, but there are notable exceptions that disregard the rule. The Moto G5S, Xiaomi Mi A1, BQ Aquaris X … Furniture below 300 euros that already make good photos; with ample room for improvement with an external camera of course.

 External cameras, a good solution for cheap cell phones </p>
<p> Take as an example the <strong> DxO One </strong> an external camera that, although it has not been released, its next distribution is announced. It's not cheap since <strong> go to $ 499 </strong> but together with a cheap cell phone, the final price does not shoot "in excess" (I emphasize the quotes, which is a lot of money). In this way, we would have a smartphone with which to share the images and use as a cell phone; having an accessory camera capable of improving the photograph for the semi-professional frontier. </p>
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A good external camera is the ideal complement for those who want a compact with connectivity

It is an expensive accessory and is not suitable for most users, but offers an additional experience that can be used on other smartphones ; so we will not lose the ability to sell the phone, something that happens with Moto Mods for example. DxO Mark has targeted the iPhone first segment, now will reach Android. It does not make much sense in the band where note 8, Galaxy S8, LG V30 or Pixel 2 XL move, but I see some utility for the middle and low range .

External cameras do not promise to become a successful accessory

 External cameras, a good solution for cheap cell phones </p>
<p> My opinion is that yes, <strong> an external camera can improve the weaker side of a cheap cell phone </strong> but we will not see more proliferation of these accessories. Because most users use the camera to take simple shots without worrying about conditions, selling a semi-professional accessory of this type would eventually adjust more in the high range than the low range. And why does the owner of a "top" phone want an external camera when their smartphone already offers the best in the field of photography? </p>
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An external camera can be expensive for the owner of a cheap and useless cell phone for those who have an expensive price

The biggest advantage of this type of cameras is that they do not have limited space. Mobile sensors should be compact something that makes light difficult to enter. With a larger lens, coupled with a larger sensor size, an external camera can handle the physical limitations of the cell phone. And improve it, but complement it.

They point out ways, but suppose to add a component that smartphones already have in duplicate . Or tripled, that dual camera is increasingly common in Android. They have many advantages, also several disadvantages, especially the price; or the discomfort of use and the possibility of being lost as a separate accessory.

Would you buy a camera for your cell phone like DxO One? Do you think it is worth having a second photographic hardware always at hand?


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