Facebook disconnects your virtual assistant M forever

Facebook disconnects your virtual assistant M forever


Facebook M is a bot that combines Artificial Intelligence and a human team to improve the suggestions. The company wanted to get support in virtual assistance. Finally, it will not be so.

The appearance of M caused a stir and surprise in equal parts: Facebook launched a bot for its platform with which he intended to establish a kind of virtual assistant . Something similar to Siri or Google Assistant, but limited to its applications and with a peculiarity: a human team supervised its operation to improve the interactions of the bot. Facebook has been unable to position its wizard among users, so it finally decides to liquidate the project.

Verge announced today after confirming it with Facebook itself: M will be permanently closed on January 19 . Until that day, those who possess it can still use it; In addition, the project will be dismantled, taking advantage of the learning of other works of Artificial Intelligence. Nor will the workers lose their jobs because they will be transferred to other departments.

Interacting with bots is not what Facebook Messenger users prefer

The bet was new. Artificial intelligence trained to offer natural interactions with users to answer their questions, help them in the personal field and even prevent them from getting hurt . But the implementation was not as good as it should have been, starting with the release.

Facebook M is (or was) a product with a very limited range. After the first tests in the United States, it was launched with eyedroppers until appearing in territories like Spanish almost two years later . Easy to invoke in Messenger conversations, but perhaps not very private precisely because of it.

M is an integrated messenger wizard that is not too far from Google Assistant in Allo . As in the above mentioned Allo, the messenger users did not accept the AI ​​intrusion in their conversations. And, since Facebook has not found a way to move the bot to proper use on the news wall, it decides to file the project and leverage everything it can from what it has learned.

Surely you've never talked to Facebook M, so you're not going to miss either. Facebook Artificial Intelligence is very powerful, but did not know how to transfer it clearly to direct interaction with the user. Rest in peace, Facebook M.


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