Facebook wants WhatsApp for business without fraud

Facebook wants WhatsApp for business without fraud


One of the most important WhatsApp news in 2017 was the launch of a business application variant known as WhatsApp for business or WhatsApp for business.

A few weeks ago we got to see what the future WhatsApp for companies will be, still in the test phase. We still have to wait for the final version (we'll probably have more details in 2018). For the sample, we see how the official information is changing.

WhatsApp for businesses, three types of verified users

As WaBetInfo indicates, today we know new details about WhatsApp for business. Some time ago, we discovered that WhatsApp would add the status of Verified a green symbol that tells us that the user we are talking to belongs to a real business.


Today, we officially know that there will be three types of verified users on the platform, information that appeared on a WhatsApp FAQ, as this type of verification will work.

  1. Verified: Characterized by the green icon that we already know. WhatsApp has verified that a real company owns this WhatsApp account.
  2. Confirmed: The same checked icon will appear, but in gray. WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number corresponds to a business, but has not verified that it is real.
  3. Commercial account: A gray icon will appear with question mark. This means that this account is using the WhatsApp enterprise application, but WhatsApp has not verified that this number really belongs to a company.

The new WhatsApp frequently asked questions about verification.

WhatsApp is a new nest for cybercriminals?

In this FAQ, WhatsApp recommends that we do not hesitate to use the button to report spam or block to those users whom we consider to be unreliable, and that is why they offer us this useful tool to know which account belongs to a real business or is simply being made to go through a company.

When I read the news, I did not quite understand why WhatsApp created these three check states, but when we mix WhatsApp with a type of attack known as Pishing this move starts to make sense .

WhatsApp is used by millions of people with small computer skills

We like that, WhatsApp for business will be a reality during 2018 and, like any other tool created by WhatsApp, will be used a lot (even less, even without WhatsApp for Business, there are small companies that already use WhatsApp as a medium).

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<p> People on foot know that they can make commissions through WhatsApp, and most likely there will be users who prove this and that their computer knowledge is of the level "pass this chain to 20 contacts so that WhatsApp does not come back to be payment. "</p>
<p> There will be people who bite these identity theft attacks, so any tool that WhatsApp offers us to control that users who are not legal companies that abuse this are grateful. </p>
<p> Finally, it's time for debate. Do you think WhatsApp for companies will open a new violation in cyber attacks? Is verification a sufficient tool? </p>
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Is WhatsApp verification good enough for business?


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