Facebook will use WhatsApp to talk to the ad

Facebook will use WhatsApp to talk to the ad


When Facebook bought Whatsapp many users began to fear that Mark Zuckerberg's company would begin filling out the messaging application with advertising, which would certainly have been a before and after in its incredible growth and expansion.

However, this was not the case, which does not mean that your new owner does not want to monitor the potential of that service.

That an app does not have ads does not mean you can not get an economic benefit and that's what Facebook is increasing to use WhatsApp as an element of business-to- 19459008 Companies that obviously use the Facebook ads platform.

WhatsApp links in Facebook ads


If we click on the new button that opens, the chat will open with an already prepared message that we can still modify, usually to request information about a product.

For the time being, deployment is occurring in Africa, America, Asia and Australia, that is worldwide, except Europe . It is possible that the problems that Facebook had with the European Union regarding the acquisition of WhatsApp have something to do with it.

According to Facebook, the idea is to implement it on our continent later, although in the process take advantage of the information obtained from the markets in which it is being launched to polish this second wave better.

Whatsapp as a brand relationship channel

 Facebook ads are integrated with WhatsApp on your mobile phone </p>
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<p> In the company they realized that <strong> users already use WhatsApp to talk to companies and companies </strong>. That is why they are developing a parallel platform to accommodate all these new profiles. </p>
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This Facebook integration goes along this line and will make it easier for many brands to be known and have first contact with potential customers thanks to the massive use of Facebook and WhatsApp.


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