First LG G7 features filtered: RAM, processor, memory …

First LG G7 features filtered: RAM, processor, memory …


After a few weeks without much news, it seems rumors are starting to come up again. Today is the turn of the new LG flagship, we will continue to call LG G7 at least until the name change is confirmed, if is given as such .

The first leaks of the features of the LG G7 tell us what your processor will be, how much RAM you will have and what type of panel you will deploy.

LG should make an effort so that in 2018 does not happen the same as in 2017, which has a great terminal in the hand, but that is a step down its rivals in key aspects such as power.

Features of the LG G7


LG V30

More than half a year ago we told that this model would use the most advanced Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 845 . Now this information seems to be confirmed and it will not be necessary for the Korean company to comply with last year's chip.

The memory RAM will be up to 6 GB what appears to be normal this year, with a few exceptions.

On the screen there is still no size or resolution, but it is commented that will be very similar in all respects to the LG V30 . I hope you did not borrow the problem with the blue tints that we also saw on Google Pixel 2 XL.

Will have iris recognition and wireless charging along with the already expected water resistance certification IP68.

It will have two cameras in the rear area and two cameras in the front zone, making it the first flagship this year to implement the [4955006] quad camera unless Huawei stunned the MWC.

It will arrive after the Galaxy S9

We already know that the new Samsung model will be presented at MWC 2018 at the end of February. In this case, LG does not want to run and will present its model later.

series production is expected to be performed in March and put on sale in South Korea in April . There is no speculation about the international sale date but it should not be much later if you do not want your domestic competitor to get a large market share sooner.


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