First trailer of the two Battlegrounds of Playerunknown for Android

First trailer of the two Battlegrounds of Playerunknown for Android


After the anticipation created by the official Android development of the game of the year, Tencent has released the first trailer of the two versions that the mobile franchise will have.

Whether you are a regular player or not, you probably heard from Playerunknown Battlegrounds the famous computer game in which we must survive on an island to attack other players. Addictive and exciting as few and for now, only on computers: Tencent and the official developer are in full development of two versions for Android.

If a game succeeds you have to press until you give more. This simple rule has been taking advantage of the PC and console franchises for years; also moving to the mobile gaming field. What PUBG officially lands on our touch screens? Well, you should take advantage of the attraction with two identical but different games. How is that? We will see.

An PUBG of naval battles; Another PUBG true to the original

We need to squeeze the conversion to mobile phones, which is why Tencent relied on two different studies for both versions of PUBG for Android. The Chinese technological giant, owner of WeChat presented the first trailer of each version. They paint very well, especially for the graphics.

Let's see the adaptation of the original title. It is developed by study Lightspeed & Quantum and inside it we will incorporate one of the soldiers that lands in the island after they parachute to us. The trailer can be viewed on the Chinese network Weibo by accessing the following link.

Find out how the PUBG will be for Android

The second game of PUBG for Android, always in official terms, is an adaptation of the original computers taken to the naval battles . Let's fight the rest of the players aboard the armed ships up to the bow. The mechanics are the same thing: to annihilate until the survivors remain.

PUBG has moved to naval battles, so will be the second game on Android

Both games will have a very high graphics load, so we'll need powerful phones to run them with the highest quality. They are developed with the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 and have a high level of detail. They will be multiplayer online and in real time, like the Playerunknown Battlegrounds on which they are based.

We do not know when they will be available in the Google Play Store, but we are convinced that they will be the most downloaded games in the app stores. With the desire to arrive? There are alternatives that are on a very good level and with which you can ease the wait.


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