Flick Launcher, one of the best launchers you can install

Flick Launcher, one of the best launchers you can install


Personalization is one of the great tricks of Android. And to show a button, we bring a new initiator, which comes with great options under the arm.

If we talk about launcher on Android the name that comes to mind is New Launcher . He has been on the throne for years, and though many have dared to overthrow him, none of them have succeeded … So far?

The protagonist of today comes with all the intention to support the throne occupied by Nova. We present the Flick Launcher and the full range of options you bring under your arm.

Flick Launcher


Google Play Store is full of launchers . We have them of all tastes and maybe you think we are before another. The small detail is that our protagonist will arrive, still in BETA, with a good previous work .

Once downloaded and installed on our device, occupies relatively little we will find a rather simple appearance. The design bases follow the lines of Pixel Trigger .

Unlike this, the Flick Launcher comes with some good tricks hidden in the sleeve. Making a gap between the large number of options we have available.

Flick Now

This extension in allows us to have Google Now scrolling to the left of our home screen. Good is to be an extension that separates is that if we are not interested, we are not required to have something that we will not use.


We started to find options to customize the look of our device, which is what we want when using an alternate initiator that comes with our smartphone.

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Highlights among the available settings:

  • Night mode and immersive .
  • Background blur from the application drawer, dock and folders
  • Assign an animation when running certain applications .

We also have the options typical of an initiator as they are, adjust the grid size, application names, text size, or font.

Access to the application

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<p> In this section, we can <strong> configure the behavior of application icons </strong> This is a fairly recent feature on Android </p>
<li> Allow <strong> icon notifications </strong>. </li>
<li> Select the color <strong> and text type </strong>. </li>
<li> <strong> Dynamic color </strong> according to the wallpaper or the application. </li>
<li> <strong> Add hits </strong> to Google Play Store and share menu </li>
<h3> Drawer of application </h3>
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The use of fingerprint reader is something that is appreciated today

Another novelty comes in the security section, since we have the option to block applications or hide them . If we want to unlock them or be able to view the hidden ones, we should do use the fingerprint reader or a password .

Free version with payment

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If there are two versions of the same program, the free version is usually quite limited saving the best for the paid version. If you are not very picky, usually with free, you will have plenty.

However, we are before an atypical case . Flick Launcher has everything we want and more for free . So, what will we find in payment?

The developers left for this version some options like:

  • Take action for plug in our headphones .
  • Use the proximity sensor to perform gestures.
  • You can enable the Android Oreo experience in our initiator.

As we can see, there are not many options, but they are quite succulent. What makes the user of the free version and the payment feel comfortable with the application .


We are facing a bet that has tricks to be one of the choices preferred by users. We have the free version full of options and nothing is missing.

But if you're one of those who always want more, you have a PRO version that unlocks some settings, including the Oreo experience. Something to do if you do not want to wait for the new taste of Android to arrive on your device.

If you are one of those who has multiple devices or changes a lot from one to another, Flick Launcher has the option to do configuration backup . Thanks to that, we can use our configuration in seconds, saving us the tedious task of redoing everything again.

I said at the beginning that Flick Launcher was coming to make a dent, considering it's still in beta and the good performance it has, we're facing an application that



Requires Android 5.0 and above


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