Follow all series and find out where to see them with JustWatch

Follow all series and find out where to see them with JustWatch


If you are one of those who follow several series ahead and find out later when a new season has been launched, this app is for you.

After several series, you leave out those you already have a day to follow with others. There are moments (many in my case) that I discovered later that they are going to launch a new season of a series that I follow. Well, with this app turned out because it warns you and allows you to stay updated what is posted on the broadcast media that you hired.

An application that collects all transmission content and online shopping / rental services in Spain and shows what is available on each site. It can also be used to see where you can see the recommended series. If you are on Movistar, Netflix or HBO among others.

Any self-respecting "seriéfilo" should have this application on his cell phone


JustWatch is an application that I think needs to be improved, but it is at a level that is fun to use. There are some flaws like warnings when new content for a given category and genre is published in the services you have. I would certainly like to appreciate it: for now, it only warns you when new content is published and is not a specific content.

The interface is very simple to use and is separated by four tabs: news, popular, price drops and crawl list . In the news you can see what was published new in each broadcast service and the date it was published. Say that by sliding sideways, you can see if there are more than two played on the same day. The view mode is by means of a timeline and by sliding up or down you see everything that was released and the day.

Inside the popular section you can see trends and recommendations. Applying filters these recommendations are optimized. For example, marking a year of debut, qualification in iMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, price in case of rent / purchase, type, genres and quality. Once this filter is set up, what it will show is more likely to be the next series you see.

Price comparison for rent / buy in different services

The "Drops Prices" section is to view offers in the rental or purchase of movies in online multimedia content services. Putting Google Play, for example, we see the latest offers. The most interesting is that by clicking on the movie, we can see where is the best price among all the services that work in Spain today.

Finally, in the display list you can have a personal list with the series you follow . This way you can track your favorite series and receive notifications when there is new content from one of them. Accessing each of them, you can see in which service is all the content or a specific season. It is appreciated that it can also be filtered in the crawl list.

Do not get caught again by a surprise spoiler

Personally, this application came to me like a glove. When I see a series, I forget the rest. Although I am watching this to amuse the waiting of others. For this reason, an application that warns when one of the series that still launch a new season is welcome on my phone. The application is completely free and without advertising. In addition, it offers synchronization with the cloud to your watch list.


Author: JustWatch GmbH

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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