Free Android applications for a short time, back to work with offers

Free Android applications for a short time, back to work with offers


We returned to charge after renewing batteries with Christmas holidays: here you have a good collection of apps and free games for a short time in the Google Play Store.

It is final: Christmas has been left behind, along with everything that characterizes it. Neither more copious meals nor more nougats, polvorones, nor difficult conversations with our brothers-in-law: we postpone the celebrations until eleven months later . So how about we disconnect completely with a new round of free apps?

You already know how they work: the collection of apps and games below is zero euros for a limited time . So enjoy and download the entire package: we've selected the best of what's available.

Free Android Applications

Free Android Games

Free customization applications


There are not only free apps and games on these Google Play sales, we have other offers on juicy softwares too. You know: take the opportunity to buy them while the price has dropped, it's a great opportunity.


If you do not already have this compilation of RPGs in a single title you have to buy it now: Evoland is a review of the history of video games with a story that captures the first moment Get a 58% discount.


Author: Playdigious

Requires Android 4.0 and higher

OK Golf

Of the same creators of Evoland although moving the mechanics of RPG for the simulation of golf. Well, it's not simulation either, but okay, as they say. A very funny, complete game with incredible graphics. The same as the discount: 60% less.

Version: 1.8.4

Author: Playdigious

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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