Gadgets for less than € 100 that make your life easier

Gadgets for less than € 100 that make your life easier


There are many appliances available for less than € 100 that can make our lives much easier. We compile with some of them.

Technology is with us to make our lives easier. This helps us in our daily work, puts us in touch with our loved ones or simply entertains us. And the truth is that not all technology has to be expensive.

There are devices and gadgets which, without costing much money, can make our lives much easier. We do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of euros to meet our needs or make our day a little easier . And today we bring the best examples of that.

A portable battery or powerbank


This is one of the most classic gifts, but it does not make it any less useful. An external battery not only allows us to hold more with our devices without going through the plug. It is also very practical when the battery of our phone does not last as much as when it is new and needs a push.

And there are dozens of powerbanks options for all tastes . We have huge batteries, portable batteries or batteries with fast charge, among others. There are equal cases with built-in external battery, leaving everything together. It all depends on what we are looking for. What is clear is that it is very practical.

A camera for the car or dashcam

When we have an accident with the car, it can be difficult to prove who is right and who has done wrong. All this can be solved if you have a test of the event which can be analyzed a posteriori. The dashcam does just that: cameras that record what happens on the road together with data like time or our speed.

Although the cameras in the car raise some doubts as far as legality is concerned. As a general rule, the DGT will not say anything while you do not drive while you drive, and the AEPD also does not deal with it if the recordings are left for personal use. If you have questions, or if you are involved in an accident, contact a lawyer.

A cable to charge the phone too long

How many times have you been in an uncomfortable position in bed or on the couch to charge your cell phone? The cables that come with the cell phones can be very short. And it may sound silly, but a long cable solves this problem at the root. And a 2 meter cable is available for little money .

A Bluetooth tracker

Do you usually lose your keys, your backpack or anything else? You can put a small Bluetooth tracker to locate it with your cell phone . There are many key chains and buttons that do this function at a good price. You just have to look. Of course, he thinks they'll only work in short range, it's not like it's a GPS.

A slow cooker

Cooking slowly has many advantages: it does not require much, the recipes go great and we can save money money . The slow cookers whether we live alone or do not have much time to cook, but we want to get rid of fast food or microwave. And if you still have doubts, our colleagues at Cocinillas give us even more reason to cook like our grandparents .

One Bluetooth headset

The wired headphones are great, until the cable gets in the way. Bluetooth can be a perfect replacement for moving while listening to music without pauses. And the Bluetooth headsets are already cheap, so it may be the perfect time to take the jump .

What is the device without which you can not live?

Surely you have or know a gadget that fell in love with . Everyone has our tastes, and you can have a device with a special hole in your day to day. What is your device, what would you recommend to the rest of the world?


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