Gas Natural allows you to control the temperature of your home from...

Gas Natural allows you to control the temperature of your home from your cell phone


We always say that smartphones are becoming the center of our lives and there is more and more evidence of it. They have gone from being an element of fun to being an increasingly important element.

This is the focus of a new company product Gas Natural Fenosa that uses residential automation to enhance our experience when it comes to acclimatizing our home.


This is a service that we hire and pay with our monthly bill, so we will not have to worry about hiring or keeping with another company.

Comfort Servigas makes heating management more comfortable

The new product is called Comfort Servigas and includes an application for our cell phone, an intelligent thermostat that connects to the application and a service and maintenance service for gas equipment. In this way, we can establish the atmosphere of our home directly from our smartphone.

It is not necessary for us to be inside our house and that is where we find one of the advantages of the system: we can configure a specific state when we get home and do it from the street, from work or from the gym ]] Even has a way by which to adjust the temperature depending on our location, to save as much energy as possible.

What it takes to use Comfort Servigas

When we hire the service, we will receive a smart thermostat and a technician will come to our house to install it at no extra charge. Installation is quick and requires no pre installation and is compatible with most boiler models.

 Natural gas allows you to control the temperature of your home from your cell phone. </p>
<p> Once installed, we should download the application on our mobile phone, be available for Android and also for iOS. This application allows us to control the thermostat and view the consumption of the cell phone. </p>
<p> In addition, we can also download the application of <strong> Gas Natural Fenosa services </strong> if we want to manage incidents that may occur with the boiler. </p>
<h2> Help energy efficiency in multiple ways </h2>
<p> When the thermostat is installed in our home and the applications installed in our phone, the advantages begin to appear. Of course, being a thermostat, we can <strong> change the temperature </strong> of the same cell phone. </p>
<p> It is also synchronized with the weather forecast <strong> </strong> from our area. For example, if a sunny day occurs, the system knows that it has to warm up less. Likewise, calculate the <strong> time you need to heat each home </strong> and adapt to each home in a unique way. </p>
<p> All this, we can see it in the detailed reports, whether we want to establish a simple programming as if we wanted to completely squeeze the product. In addition, by enabling geolocation, we can cause the system to detect when the first person arrives or leaves the house last, to further adjust consumption. </p>
<p> Thus, <strong> the heating will only be turned on when necessary </strong>. That is, when there is someone at home or when time makes it necessary. All this prevents us from leaving the heating unnecessarily, leading us to save money at the end of the month. It also helps to improve the energy efficiency of our home. </p>
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