Global Challenge of GO Pokémon, the challenge of 3,000 million catches

Global Challenge of GO Pokémon, the challenge of 3,000 million catches


The last challenge for the augmented reality of the Pokémon GO arrives. Want to unlock more Pokémon and prizes for all players? Sign up for the catch challenge. Start today Monday!

With one of the millions of trainers that exist around the world in Niantic thought: why not join forces and have captured 3000 million Pokémon during seven days of event? Said and done: today, Monday, November 20, Global Capture Challenge in Pokémon GO begins, an event open to all. And never better.

You already know how GO Pokémon events usually work: they are limited in time, in this case from November 20 to November 26 both included; Any coach who wants to have fun walking around the city can participate; and there will be improvements and awards for participants. Of course, this last rule is changed a bit to make the event a challenge.

Do you want to help capture 3000 million Pokémon?


This is the key as it is a Global Capture Challenge. Adding all of the creatures that are captured today until Sunday, November 26, we will know if we finally get the prize. Because yes, if the goal is achieved the advantages will be for all regular players or not.

There are three medals available: bronze, silver and gold ; they will be obtained by adding all Pokémon captured around the world; and there will be different prizes that will be added to the options offered by the base game: of Pokémon more available for longer duration of the baits, for example. And stay tuned, because the Global Capture Challenge opens the door to unlock new Pokémon, such as Farfetch & # 39; d ; which we would finally see all over the world outside of their native habitat, Japan.

This Pokémon GO event also serves to present a series of videos that Niantic is developing to encourage the players. Pokémon GO Travel will present the stories of various trainers from around the world with a first novelty: the company takes the first lucky to Japan to host the Global Capture Challenge . This event will end on Sunday with a big party in Japan, where Niantic will announce the results and if we finally have bronze, silver or gold.

Do you want to take part in this catch challenge? Well, you know: you have time until next Sunday. A for gold!

Version: 0.79.4

Author: Niantic, Inc.

Requires Android 4.4 and higher


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