Google application improves search for featured content

Google application improves search for featured content


A few years ago, Google Now was the nerve center of Google's search engine on Android. With the arrival of Google Assistant, the big G is trying to give a new identity to that application, which is slowly improving.

When Google renamed "Google Now" to such a boring name as "Google Feed," many expected it to be the end of this kind of assistant who presumed to anticipate our needs. In recent weeks, it has received excellent design updates, and it seems that little by little it also begins to receive functionalities.

Google improves search highlights

As Google notes, they have submitted related searches nearly 10 years ago, a feature that many of us use daily and that improve our search experience. Today, we know three improvements to this type of content.


Featured content is the cards that appear when we look up information on Google. For example, if we search for a celebrity's name, photos and important information appear in the search header, saving time by not having to search through web pages.

From now on, these cards will include many more images about the subject we're looking for, as well as content information related to the searches we've done, which will allow us to expand information on the subject we are reporting on.

The search for related content will be based on three important factors, which are:

  1. Searches of other people: we can know what someone asked for our same query.
  2. Related topics: If we do a search for a sport like snowboarding, it will suggest sports of the same theme as skiing, for example.
  3. Bound topics: If we do multiple searches related to a specific topic, Google will show us results related to that topic. The example that Google shows us is that when looking for two football players, several others will appear in the top list.

All these news will start to be available today, both in the web version of the search engine and in the search section of the Google application.

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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