Google Assistant allows you to choose the form of transport you prefer

Google Assistant allows you to choose the form of transport you prefer


Smart assistants will become increasingly important. Google knows this, and even if it does not advertise, it will gradually improve on its own so that it can better resolve the doubts we raise.

One of the advantages that has to be integrated into our cell phone is that for each user, the wizard can be configured in a personalized way . It makes no sense to give the same advice to people who perform different actions.

This is, for example, what happens when we ask for directions to go somewhere. Google knows how to get there before or what is the best way, but not if we want to go by car, on foot or by public transport. That's why we now have a new option in the wizard settings.

Two preferences for browsing

Although it's a one-month trial run, it's reaching out massively to all users. Through it we can configure what is the preferred method of transport in general terms for the navigation indications and with which we want to work.

This distinction is useful since many people use one mode for their work days, to go to work, but another for the rest of the trips. Actually, this is my case.

If we go to the wizard and click the upper right button, we will open the options. There we have to navigate to Settings and then to Preferences. The new option is called Getting Around and strangely it has not yet been translated into Spanish.

If we enter, we can choose the preferred transport mode to work in the upper zone and for the rest of the cases in the lower zone. If you do not have the option to wait a few days, because, as we say, it is expanding to all Google profiles.


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