Google Assistant and Google Lens have new capabilities

Google Assistant and Google Lens have new capabilities


Google Assistant and Google Lens are two of the most important parts of Google's future strategy. Both applications continue to advance and acquire new capabilities.

The company Mountain View is betting very heavily on artificial intelligence in different fields. Google Assistant assumes the company's commitment to voice assistants, while Google Lens is based on visual recognition. Two very different services sharing the technology of artificial intelligence that makes them work.

Google hosted several days developer conferences at GDD Europe and took advantage of the event to teach various demonstrations of artificial intelligence. The goal was show how far Google has come with developing tools like Wizard. And it must be admitted that they look good.

Google Assistant: faster and smarter


The first improvement I highlighted in Google Assistant is answers . Now he recognizes a much more natural language, with longer and more human phrases. The recognition speed also improved. And it highlights the amount of information you have access to and the ability to get all kinds of responses. All thanks to combination of search engine and computational learning .

The assistant also improved to take more account of our preferences . I have already stored some data about us to give personalized answers, but this has improved a lot.

We can already save things like our favorite sports equipment or where we live, and now we can save data like at what temperature we like to swim, for example. The answers given by the Assistant will be according to these data .

Finally, the Google team in Wizard has improved the wizard's ability to recognize the context. If we ask for something incompletely, will consult what we asked earlier to give us an answer. We can even ask for Assistant to be our translator and say things to us in other languages.

Google Lens: much smarter

Google Lens is a part of the Wizard we saw presented in Google I / O 2017: a smart camera application a worthy successor to Google Goggles . We have not seen this feature ever since, but we took advantage of the event to share news about Lens.

Google's smart camera has improved so much that we can now put an apple in front and ask Lens how many calories she has . We can put some money on the table and ask how much this money is in another currency .

We can also ask about the places where we take photos while we travel, to get to know them better. They did not show much else, but we can say that Google Lens is advancing at a very good rate .

Many of these are not yet available in Google Assistant even in the most advanced English version. Hopefully all this will come and go before the end of the year. Maybe even accompany the launch of the future Pixel 2 or Android 8.1 Oreo.


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